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How does acid rain affect you?

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Acid rain will go into are rivers, reservoirs and oceans and cause the pH of them to increase slightly therefore affecting marine life. Killing fish also causes other animals which eat fish and use the water to be effected. This would cause an economic impact because fishermen would loose money and acid rain will cause soil to be acidic meaning crops and plants wont grow as well which would effect farmers. This would cause a social impact as acid rain erodes limestone/ certain buildings, and there to be less fish/animals for us to eat. This would cause an environmental impact as plants, marine life and animals will be killed. Overall you can clearly see that acid rain effects us greatly.

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How does acid rain affect the ozone layer?

The acid rain is a rain containing traces of acid. It does affect very less ozone.

How acid rain affect marbles?

how does acid rain affect a statue carved from marble

How does acid rain affect statues?

Acid rain dissolves marble statues.

How does acid rain affect the desert?

Acid rain can have a devastating affect on the desert. This acid can wear through the plants protective layer and it will then die in the sun.

How does acid rain affect the human health?

Acid rain can damage skin of a person.

Does Co2 affect acid rain?

no because acid rain is made up of co2 particles

Does acid rain effect the ozone layer?

Yes, it does. But the acid rain does not cause that much affect.

Does acid rain affect germination of seeds?

Yes, acid rain does affect germination of seeds by mixing in with the soil and damaging the seed coating.

How do humans affect acid rain?

We build factories that create pollution; in some cases acid rain

Does acid rain affect a beans seed growth?

yes seed beans are affected by acid rain

What are the long term and short term effects of acid rain?

acid rain can affect many things

How does acid rain affect limestone?

It dissolves it. The acid in the rain (possibly nitric acid, nitrous acid, carbonic acid, etc.) forms calcium salts.

How does acid rain affect the home?

it burns it

How does acid rain affect your car?

not well

Can acid rain affect water?

yes, it can

Does acid rain affect clay?

yes it can

Does acid rain affect the enivorment?

Yes it does.

How does the acid rain affect the lithosphere?


Does acid rain affect the pH in lakes?

yes. its acid you dickweed

How does acid rain affect life in water?

As acid rain is acidic in nature it will change the pH of lakes and rivers also which will affect the aquatic life in them

How does acid rain affect granite?

it doesn't affect it as far as i know

What affect does acid rain have on vegetation?

Acid rain does a great deal of damage to the soil and standing crops as well.

Does acid rain affect building materials?

Acid rain does affect building materials. Calcium carbonate is commonly found in building materials. Calcium carbonate dissolves in weak acids. Acid rain is a common cause of erosion.

How does acid rain affect buildings and structures?

the acid erodes the surfae of the building

How does acid rain affect peoples lives?


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