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yes everything

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Where is acid rain more common country towns or cities?

cities because there's more air pollution.

What effect does acid rain have on sea life?

what effect does acid rain have on sea life?

How does acid rain effect stone?

Acid rain can dissolve stones.

What are the visible rain in towns and cities?

Raindrops are visible.

What does acid rain damage?

acid rain damages lakes and streams and chips statues like in towns and stuff

What effect does limestone have on acid rain?

Limestone is a base, and as such it neutralises acid rain.

How does acid rain effect the Geo sphere?

acid rain erodes stuff

Does acid rain have no effect on trees?

Acid rain can damage the leaves on trees and can kill them.

Is a diseased forest a effect of acid rain?

no it is effect

Which cities experience the most acid rain?

India, China, and Sweden experience heavy acid rain.

Does acid rain effect trains?


What does acid rain effect?

Acid rain effects lakes and rivers, oceans and seas, and land. Acid rain also effects people

What is the effect of acid rain on natural habitats?

explain the role of acid rain in habitat destruction

Does acid rain effect the ozone layer?

Yes, it does. But the acid rain does not cause that much affect.

Why acid rain is a hrmful effect?

Acid Rain destroyes and eats at stones and certain minerals.

How does acid rain effect people?

it does not affect persons. to the unknowledgeable on the topic of acid rain, rain is just rain. Acid rain has no adverse effect on people yet the same cannot be said about materials,statues, monuments, stone/ metal structures.

Does Acid Rain effect beavers?

every animal is affected by acid rain somehow so yea

Acid rain what effect does this have on living things?

acid rain kills everything thats living practially

What effect does acid rain have on lakes and rivers?

Acid rain can pollute the water in lakes and rivers. Acid rain can also burn the vegetation in these lakes and rivers.

How does acid rain effect your economy?


What effect does acid rain have on fish?

they die

What effect does acid rain have on earthworms?

it kills them

Will acid rain effect the growth of radishes?


How does acid rain effect materials?

it melt

How does acid rain effect plant?

It's the acid that effects plants

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