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Air "fresheners" typically just mask odors by putting out a stronger odor. However, electronic air cleaners are also able to destroy some odors. High voltage (DC) is applied across two plates as air passes between them. Three things occur that result in destroying odors when the voltage is applied. First, ozone is produced, which is a natural air freshener. Second, small particles are drawn to either the + or - voltage, depending on the natural charge of the particle. Third, many molecules are not able to remain stable in a voltage of that intensity resulting in a breakdown of the molecule into other compounds such as carbon and oxygen.

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Q: How does air freshener work in terms of static electricity?
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The electric static generator is a device that produces static electricity, or electricity at high voltage

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Can you generate electricity with static electricity?

You can get large amounts of Voltage from a static charge. That is what causes the spark that jumps from material to material after creating a static "charge". The actual amperage is usually quite small , but not always (think lightening). There is really no difference between static electricity and current electricity as they are both caused by an imbalance in Electrons. The materials that form the Imbalance work to correct the imbalance, and thus the spark is born. The spark can be collected through conductive materials and used to create a "charge" or electron imbalance in a capacitor or battery.

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they both transfer electric charges. they both work with conductors and insulators. they both build up charges. they are both a form of electricity.

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Yes. Static electricity can do work.I know because when I draw a rubber comb through my hair on a dry day and then pass itover a bunch of bits of tissue on the table, the bits of tissue jump straight up to the comb.The static charge on the comb exerted a force on the tissue bits, and the product of the forceon each bit multiplied by the distance through which it jumped is the work done on it by thestatic field.

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when two objects need to touch each other to work, an example for a contact force is static electricity. !

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Explain why static electricity works?

Normally it is static therefore it does no work. An insulating surface is capable of supporting a collection of free electric charges, and they produce an elecric field which produces a force on any other charge that is brought close.

How does energy work with wind?

Wind turns a propeller on a windmill, which in turn turns a turbine causing static electricity to build up and is "pumped" into a generator. From the generator it goes to a sub station that collects and distributes the electricity to buildings.

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They are at Different ends of the Triboelectric Series. Vinyl would work better than silk.

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A photocopier works by exploiting the principle of static electricity. Typically, the copier uses the reflection of light from the page to determine which areas need to be printed.

How static wicks work to discharge the airplane?

It works to discharge static charge

Do static methods operate on objects why?

No. Why? By definition. A static method is, precisely, a method that is not meant to operate on an object. It can only work with static fields, and other static methods, of its class.

How does the van de graaff generator work?

A large rubber band spins, rubbing on a metallic dome. some electrons are transfered from the band to the dome, acting as static electricity. When, say Steve, touches the dome the charged particles will leap to him. Steve will experience a static shock.