How does alcohol affect a person socially?


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When consumed in moderation, it is associated with higher status, higher income, and occupational success.

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It can help make a person more convivial.

It makes you more socially confident and brave.

because it affects people from brealthing

its addictive and it harmed the person who used it.

A bipolar person should never drink alcohol, since it interferes with the medication being used to treat the disorder.

Drinking alcohol does not lead a person to do marijuana, as the steppingstone theory posits.

Too much alcohol can have a very negative affect on you socially. Some believe that to fit in they need to drink. The problem is, some over do it and they end up looking like a fool. Personally, I have found that you don't need to drink to have a meaningful relationship with others.

Hi There are no health effects of alcohol, socially and emotionally if taken in moderation. Health, social and emotional problems arise when alcohol is taken in large quantities over a period of time. I hope this helps you

Alcohol is a depressant. So, your mood drops. Drinking too much can cause a person to be angry sometimes to the point where the person is abusive. It does not only affect the individual's emotional health, it also can affect the emotional health of those around them. Im not sure if you are talking about alcohol in moderation or alcoholism though. I hope this helps.

alcohol affect your cholesterol it incise hdl

Alcohol does not affect how well Mirena works.

If I drink alcohol, it makes me a happy person. People seem to like me when I'm happy. So the alcohol is responsible for making the environment better. See?

Body fat does not absorb alcohol so the fatter a person is, the greater the concentration of alcohol in the blood, other things being equal.

President Obama drinks socially, in moderation.

There are many characteristics of a socially healthy person. These include being able to relate to a wide range of people, and being friendly and open to conversation.

Yes, alcohol can affect you mentally. Alcohol has the ability to affect how fast you process information, and how logically you think and decide.

Social effects are things that affect people in how does is affect people in general? how does it affect a family?

No, but there are signs to show people are socially unfit. For example, if you were to see somnone licking windows, then you can say there is a reasonable chance the person is socially unfit.

it depends on who you are. For some people it can make you very hyper ond active for others it can be the exact opposite. It just depends on the person.

The alcohol in not known to affect the flow of menstruation.

Stress can affect us socially by not looking into someones eyes while their talking to you or not talk as much as they usually do or even look really tired and miserable.

It affects your brain when you drink. Doesn't take long either depending on weight, amount and kind of alcohol, and if a person has eaten.

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