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Drinking alcohol temporarily slows the rate of respiration.

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How alcohol affect the body?

It affects the lungs with lung cancer.

How does alcohol affect your lungs?

The effects of the alcohol lead to a severe deficiency of the antioxidant glutathione in the lungs, bringing about the heightened risk of being infected by serious lung diseases.

How does alcohol abuse affect the lungs?

Alcohol gives you a higher chance of getting lung diseaseSo DON'T drink

How can alchol affect your bady?

do you mean How can alcohol affect your body? Well it can damage a lot of the things inside you like lungs....

What things can affect the lungs?

Smoking, asthma and air pollution can affect the lungs. Also, too much alcohol and fatty food will harm the lungs considerably. I'm pretty sure bronchitis can too and disease like lung cancer

Can drinking alcohol everyday affect your lungs?

No but drinking alcohol in moderation every day is associated with better health and greater longevity than is either abstaining from alcohol or abusing it.

Can Alcohol mess up your lungs?

alcohol can easily mess up your lungs

Why is it bad to smoke and drink alcohol?

It is bad to smoke and drink alcohol as it causes detriment to your health. Smoking will mainly affect your lungs while alcohol damages the liver and other organs.

Will your lungs get weaker if you drink alcohol?

Drinking alcohol does not cause lungs to become weaker.

How does cigarettes affect the lungs?

does a cigarettes affect the lungs \

How does alcohol effect the lungs?

Alcohol effects the lungs by a deficiency of the antioxidant glutathoine in the lungs. When this antioxidant is lowered you are more likely of having your lungs collapse or getting a disease in the lungs.

How is your lungs affected by alcohol?

it effects by eatting at your lungs

How does marijuana affect your lungs?

marijuana cann't affect your lungs

How does alcohol abuse affect the body?

Any drug (like cigarette and Alcohol) are deadly dangerous for the human body. The whole body system is affected, because brain gets slow and lungs get destroyed. Alcohol directly affect the brain, which controls the whole body. In practical terms, alcohol upset the whole system, of the body.

What is the role of the lungs in drug metabolism and excretion.?

The level of alcohol we exhale closely parrells the concentration of alcohol in our blood stream. Alcohol is metabolized in the liver not the lungs.

What are the effects of tobacco products alcohol and other harmful substances?

Tobacco and Alcohol which are drugs, cause your body to get addicted to them and it may cause diseases in your respiratory tract and it can affect your heart. Mainly lungs are infected or diseases or born in your lungs as a result of smoking, taking drugs or consuming Alcohol. Results can be fatal and deaths which have occurred by consuming tobacco and alcohol is common nowadays.

Does temperature affect the weight of alcohol?

yes, it do affect the alcohol

Can an alcoholic drink go bad?

well it depends on how much alcohol is in it but it can definitely go bad. it can affect your lungs then possibly get cancer or die

How can alcohol effect your lungs?

Drinking alcohol can temporarily slow respiration.

How does alcohol affect your cholesterol?

alcohol affect your cholesterol it incise hdl

Does alcohol affect Mirena?

Alcohol does not affect how well Mirena works.

Can second hand crack smoke affect your lungs?

Absolutely. All smoke can affect your lungs.

Can the use of alcohol affect lungs?

Yes. Abuse of alcohol, over the years, can enlarge your heart. This effects the "Heart, lung Machine", (heart, liver & lungs). The heart works harder to pump blood through the body, and red blood cells carry oxygen to the lungs, which is now being deprived. This can lead to heavy breathing, and heart attack.

Can alcohol affect you mentally?

Yes, alcohol can affect you mentally. Alcohol has the ability to affect how fast you process information, and how logically you think and decide.

does alcohol affect period flow?

The alcohol in not known to affect the flow of menstruation.

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