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If your pregnant you shouldn't have any alchool. You never know what is developing at that time. If you were drinking when your baby is developing a nose, eyes, mouth, brain, any part of the body you could mess it up. things won't develop the way they are supposed to. But i guess it just a roll of the dice...wether or not anything is developing...and no one can tell you what exactally is forming on what day...are you willing to take that chance?

Answer 2: Children whose mothers drank even moderates amount of alcohol during pregnancy can suffer from diasabilities, including behavioral problems and learning deficits. You don't have to be an alcoholic to hurt your baby remarks Professor Ann Streissguth, of the fetal alcohol and drug unit at the University of Washington, "you just have to be drinking enough and pregnant." No minimal dose has ever been established below which there are no risks. The wisest course for women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy may be not to drink any alcohol at all. See Jehovah's Witnesses official website 10/8/05 Awake under Alcohol Misuse and Health.

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Q: How does alcohol effect the fetus in the first term of pregnancy?
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Is Alcohol consumption during pregnancy dangerous only during the first trimester?

Alcohol consumption anytime in a pregnancy is dangerous to the fetus

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The death of an embryo or fetus in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy is called a spontaneous abortion.

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No first the stomach get fat to protect the fetus.

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