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Be supportive of your mom and help her out. I thought that pregnancy was easy before I became pregnant myself. I am almost 6 1/2 months now, and I have had so many problems from morning sickness (feeling like you are going to throw up all day 24 hours a day/ seven days a week and actually throwing up sometimes) to getting so big, i am now having problems putting on my socks and cutting my toe nails. Your Mom will need all your support. Help her as much as you can...and one day when u r married and you become pregnant, I am sure she will remember what you did for her and she will be there for you too when you need it. And, you will need it. My mom now comes over and helps me clean the house when I am too tired..which is often as it is getting harder to breathe as the growing baby puts pressure on my lungs. Best wishes and you don't have to "deal" just look forward to the little brother or sister you will have and thank god for the miracle of life.

Your Mom's age puts her at a high risk group (over 35). She needs your support. Try to not make her stress too much, it isn't good for her or the baby.

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Q: How does an 18 year old girl deal with her 39 year old mother's pregnancy?
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