Citizenship and Marriage

How does an American citizen marry an Australian citizen?

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April 26, 2008 1:55PM

You can start the process by first going to and read up on the section dealing with K1 Visa (fiance(e) visa). You will need to file an I-129F form, as well as send in a LOT of paperwork showing that both of you are willing to enter into the marriage, as well as both of you are able to marry. (You will also need to send in any pictures of both you and your fiance(e), as well as statements from yourself and your fiance(e) ... all of which are listed in the form you need to fill out.) Once all those forms, as well as the fee, are completed and sent it, you will receive a letter stating that they have received it and will begin the process when they can. After USCIS has approved the petition, you will get another letter telling you which office will be handling your petition (or case... however you wish to look at it). Your fiance(e) will need to send information to the US Consulate or Embassy in Perth or Sydney (whichever is closer) in a certain amount of time. Once that is done, they will receive word about when an interview will take place and you should hear something back shortly after that. I wish you the best of luck!