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== == Answer First, be certain that you do actually want to become Protestant. Make sure that you have identified all the things that you are unhappy with as a Catholic. If necessary make a list. Then do two things. First, speak to your Catholic priest and ask him to discuss the issues you are troubled by - don't necessarily tell him you may have to leave the church and give him the opportunity to advise you on what's troubling you. Second, take you list to a Protestant clergyman. Ask to speak personally with him to discuss your concerns. Once you have spoken to both comes the hard bit. Now you must pray to God for guidance and you must trust in the way you are led. One other thing, be aware that within Protestantism there are very wide differences of belief and practice. For example in Anglicanism you will find a whole range of practices similar to Catholicism. Generally speaking there is little similarity with Catholic practice in the Baptist or Methodist churches. Answer A way to convert is how my Grandfather did. He left the Catholic Church and began going to a Protestant church and then was baptized as an adult. Also we aren't disgraced Catholics our way of worshiping is different but our God is the same as is our faith, the Catholic way isn't the only way. Leaving the Church of one's youth is a huge step: a Catholic may be disappointed, perplexed, or frustrated with someone or something within the Church, or they may be weary of temptation and tribulation. Whatever the reason, or reasons, when anyone is considering undertaking a big step such as this, isn't prayer always the best first recourse throughout the entire process? "Do whatever He tells you" (John 2:5) were the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary to some friends who were in perplexity. Mary lovingly encouraged these people to go to Jesus and ask for His help and direction. Catholics - even Catholics thinking of leaving the Church - still go to Mary His Mother to seek her loving guidance and encouragement, which is still always, "Do whatever He tells you." She is still your mother, and will guide and inspire you to approach Jesus to seek His will . . . even if a part of you may believe that you can't, or that you already did, or that you don't know how, or that you're not sure you want to. "Do whatever He tells you." Go to Mary in prayer. Seek her motherly advice and counsel. Implore her assistance to find the way to Jesus. Listen to what she says. This would be a first step for any Catholic facing a life-changing decision. A person may simply go to another church. If he/she decides to join another denomination e.g. Methodist, then they are no longer considered to be a Catholic. This possibility is recognised by the Catholic Church. In its canons regarding marriage number 1124 states: "Without express permission of the competent authority, a marriage is prohibited between two baptized persons of whom one is baptized in the Catholic Church or received into it after baptism and has notdefected from it by a formal act and the other of whom is enrolled in a Church or ecclesial community not in full communion with the Catholic Church." The fact Canon Law recognises that a person may defect from the Catholic Church by a formal act (e.g. joining another church) clearly indicates that a person may leave. Having said this, there is no one "Protestant religion"; rather there are hundreds of different denominations, and they believe a wide variety of things e.g. Baptists believe in the literal reading of the Bible (God did make the Universe in 6 days and evolution is incorrect); Pentecostalists believe it is important to speak in tongues (which Baptists condemn); Calvinists believe that human beings are totally corrupt while Methodists do not; Anglicans believe that only ordained clergy may celebrate the sacraments while members of the Salvation Army don't have sacraments; and Christian Scientists believe illness can be cured by faith (no need for doctors).

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Q: How does an adult go about converting from the Catholic religion to the Protestant religion?
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When changing from a Catholic who was baptized as an adult to Protestant religion does one have to be baptized again?

No, baptism is only necessary once.

Was Shirley Temple catholic?

No, she was not. Some online sources have claimed that she was, but most evidence suggests she was raised in the Protestant faith. As an adult, she seems to have identified most strongly with the Episcopalian religion but she also had relatives from other Protestant denominations.

How does an adult go about converting from the protestant religion to Catholic religion?

He first needs to go to his parish Church (usually the one in his neighborhood) and talk to a priest who will inform him of the religious instructions that he needs to take in order to understand Catholicism and to aid in his conversion. After a period of time, when he has completed his studies, he will attend a religious ceremony with other converts, participate in mass and receive the sacrament as well as attend and participate in the religious services thereafter.

What is anna kendrick's religion?

Anna Kendrick(an American singer and actress) is a non-religious adult, although she was a protestant before.

How can an adult convert from Hindu to protestant religion?

A true Hindu will never go for conversion no matter million benefits arise after that.

How does an adult go about converting from Methodist to Catholicism?

since it is possible that the baptism practised by the methodist church could be accepted by the catholic church.In the case of the person who ready to accept the catholic faith is ready to accept the catholic faith,the catholic church in this case which is to be handled by a catholic priest will celebrate the rite of acceptance for this methodist person involved into the catholic faith,possibly during the celebration of the mass in a catholic church.

Can you have your child baptized if you are not Catholic?

Yes of course you can. Baptism is not exclusive to the Roman Catholic religion Answer: As per the Roman Catholic Faith if the parents are not baptized in the Roman Catholic Church then the child cannot be baptized in church. The Child can receive the sacrament of Baptism when he/she turns into an adult and wishes to be a part of Catholic faith.

What religion is Harriet Miers?

As a child, Harriet Miers attended services at Presbyterian, Episcopalian and Catholic churches. As an adult, she joined the Valley View Christian Church, a non-denominational protestant Christian church in the Stone-Campbell or Restoration Movement tradition. The church is generally classified as theologically and morally conservative and evangelical.

What is the difference between baptist and Catholic explain it for a 13 yr old please?

In Christianity there was only the Catholic Church until the Protestant Reformation. The Baptist Church, which is usually regarded as Protestant, started in the 17th Century and differs from Catholic teaching in several areas: the belief in salvation by faith alone; adult rather than infant baptism; emphasis on the New Testament alone and the autonomy of each church congregation as opposed to the centralised structure of the Catholic Church with the Pope at the apex.

What is Catholic confirmation?

A Catholic confirmation is when you have finished all the Catholic classes. It is a Catholic sacrament and it's when you are seen as an adult in the Catholic church.

Is Michael Jackson Catholic?

When he was growing up, he and his family were Jehovahs Witnesses. One of his brothers later converted to Islam. As an adult Michael did not practice any religion.

How does an adult go about converting from the Catholic religion to the Lutheran religion?

The best way is to go to a Lutheran church and talk to the pastor. Roman Catholic baptism is recognized by the Lutheran Church, so if the convert was already baptized, then membership classes would likely be required. There is usually a new member reception ceremony called an "Affirmation of Baptism" during which the convert is accepted into full membership of the Lutheran Church by making a brief statement of faith. If the convert is not baptized, the process would be a bit different. Unbaptized adult converts go through the Lutheran catechumenate, which is basically a process of education and preparation to participate in the mysteries, or sacramental life, of the Church.

Can an adult be baptized as a Catholic?


Can a Catholic be an official witness at a non-Catholic wedding?

Yes - any adult can be.

When do Catholics become Catholic?

A person is a Catholic from the minute that he is born, if he is born into a Catholic family, or when he first starts studying for Baptism. An adult in RCIA (the program for adult converts) would be buried in a Catholic cemetery if he died before Baptism.

Why was the Anabaptists found?

The Ana-baptists were founded out of the 16th Century Protestant Reformation. Their primary belief focused on their problem with infant baptism practice in the Catholic Church. They believed that you had to be a believing adult to be baptized and be saved. The Ana-baptists further believed more like Protestants of today in that they believed in separation of Church and State. The Protestant Reformers of the 16th Century were believers in a State sanctioned religion, they just wanted the Government to sanction their religion. Ana-baptists were killed by the thousands in the early years but they were probably killed more by the Protestants than by Catholics.

What does Confirmation enable us to do?

It is confirming your religion and that you are basically an adult in the eyes of "god" and in order to get married in the catholic church, you have to receive confirmation. I'm not sure what it does for other christian religions.

Can an adult be baptized in the Catholic Church?

Yes, the Catholic Church also baptizes adults.

Do you have to be confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church?

.Catholic AnswerRoman is an epithet first commonly used in England after the protestant revolt to describe the Catholic Church. It is never used by the Catholic Church. Confirmation completes baptism, it is not strictly necessary for salvation, but it is stronglyrecommended as necessary for the grace to live an adult Christian life.

What is Adult franchise?

Every adult rich or poor irrespective of their religion caste or education , religion , color , race , economic conditions is free to vote. Universal Adult Franchise is based on the concept of equality.

What is it called when you are able to choose who you worship?

Being able to choose what or whom you worship is called freedom of religion. An atheist is a person who doesn't believe in God or religion, and that is a choice also. Atheists usually believe in the scientific origin of life rather than creation by God. In free countries that are not controlled by one particular religious group, most people, once they grow up, are able to choose who they want to and will worship. For example, if you grew up Catholic, once you were legally of adult age and understood religion more, you could convert to being a Protestant or join some other religion.

What is universal adult franchise?

Every adult rich or poor irrespective of their religion caste or education , religion , color , race , economic conditions is free to vote. Universal Adult Franchise is based on the concept of equality.

What is confirmation mean in catholic church?

The Sacrament of Confirmation means that the young person is making an adult decision to remain a Catholic for his/herself. At Baptism, the godparents make the decision for the baby. At Confirmation, the young adult makes the decision to remain Catholic.

Can an adult be confirmed as a catholic?

it depends if the adult was raised in catholic beliefs than yes. but if the adult was not that person is from the world. (curses, etc.) GOD LOVES EVERYONE AND HE DIED ON A CROSS AND SHED HIS BLOOD FOR YOU AND FOR ME JOHN 3:16 in the holy bible

Can only 1 Godparent to a catholic child be a non-catholic adult?

Yes, and they would be called a Christian Witness.