How does an air bubble collect at the top of a test tube?


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Gas produced during reaction will produce bubbles due to the property of surface tension of the liquid. Air or gas is less denser than the liquid in which it is produced. Also due to Archimedes principle, the weight of the liquid displaced by the air or gas bubble will be more than that of bubble itself. So upward buoyant force is heavy which pushes the bubbles to the top of the test tube.


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Any 'empty' container is really full of air, so you don't have to do anything. Pick up a test tube. It's full of air.

An air thermometer has a bubble of liquid inside the tube and when the air inside of the tube heats up or cools down, the air takes up either more or less space inside of the tube, causing the bubble of liquid to either move upwards or downwards, indicating the temperature.

When finding the mass of air, you need to have a test tube and a stopper. Measure the mass of the test tube and the stopper together. Then, make sure that the air gets in the the tube and put the stopper on. Recheck the mass of the air, test tube, and stopper and subtract just the tube and stopper from the newly recorded mass to find the mass of air.

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Hold the test tube around 30 cm away from your face then waft the air above the tube towards you and sniff.

Never put your face directly over the test tube. Use your hand to fan the air above the test tube toward you and smell that way.

A bubble of air is in a small slightly curved tube of alcohol. The bubble will float at the highest point and indicate level or not level.

Heated test tube with a bunsen burner with closed air holes would result to the test tube having some kind of black material at the bottom, it looks like a burnt coal that stick to the bottom of the test tube. This happens because the flame is not a good flame.

Test tube mouth up: nothingTest tube mouth down: the denser gas can escape

13x100 test tubes are excellent when you need to have larger volume in a test tube. These larger tubes allow more air to touch the sample.

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