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The alternator houses a rotor that is connected to your engine. The engine will spin this rotor depending on how many RPMs youre producing. The alternator also houses a ring that goes around this rotor. Basically, the rotor creates a magnetic fieid as it spins and the ring acts as the catcher and harnesses that energy in the form of AC power. However, your battery uses DC power so before it sends this power out it converts it to DC.

Your alternator should cause about 14V to flow through your battery even when all the electric components in your car are turned on. Anything under 12 might be cause for concern.


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The alternator consists of a spinning set of electrical windings called a rotor, a stationary set of windings called a stator, a rectifier assembly, a set of brushes to maintain electrical contact with the rotor, and a pulley. All of these parts except the pulley are contained in an aluminum housing. Today?s alternators use compact, electronic voltage regulators that may be housed inside the alternator or the voltage regulator function may be handled by the vehicle?s powertrain control module (PCM).


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The alternator develops electrical power by converting rotational energy into electrical energy through constantly varying magnetic lines of force that intersect wires. The rotor receives excitation voltage from the battery. There are two slip rings supplying the rotor with power. One is typically grounded, and the other is fed from a regulator that varys the pulse width, and thus the voltage, to the rotor. The rotor spins and induces a rotating magnetic field into the stator. The stator is wound in a three phase delta configuration, and generates alternating current, with frequency dependent on speed. The stator is connected to a full wave bridge rectifier (six diodes) that converts the AC into DC. This output is connected to the battery through a heavy cable. Since the rotor and stator have multiple poles, the AC frequency is relatively high. Since the alternator is three phase, the ripple on the DC output is relatively small.


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Winding a coil of wire around an iron core can make a magnet. If a magnet is passed near a wire, an induced current will flow in that wire. If many magnets are rapidly passed over a coil of wire, much more induced current will be produced. If many magnets are passed over several coils of wire, even more current will be produced. Although Alternators vary by manufacturer, there are two elements common to all alternators; the stationary stator and the rotating rotor. The stator consists of three sets of individual windings wound around a laminated circular iron stator frame. Each individual winding is made up of seven coils, which in turn are made up of several individual loops all connected in series. Each coil and each loop are connected so as to increase the total voltage output. Each group of windings has only two leads, one for current to flow in, and the other for current to flow out.
a moving magnetic current cuts through wires producing a current in the coil turning rotor driving belt
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How do alternator diodes work?

Diodes allow current to flow in one direction only thus changing the alternating current produced inside the "alternator", to direct current which is required by your car's electrical system. Think of them as check valves for liquids. Denis

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How can you make an alternator work outside the engine?

As far as I know you can put it on your battery, and see if moves that way. I would see if I could get a elecrical tester first. not the whole thing just the bolt that the wire was attached to the Longer one.

How does the alternator and the air compressor work together?

Answer . THere isn't really any connection between the alternator and the compressor except that they are both driven by the belt. The alternator generates electricity for the vehicle, and the compressor uses electricity to power the clutch that turns the compressor shaft. I can't think of any o ( Full Answer )

If the belt is loose around the alternator will it cause the alternator not to work?

It depends on the type and year of vehicle. Most of the newer vehicles use serpentine belts that are kept tight with a self-tensioning pulley. If it's an older vehicle, the alternator tension needs to be adjusted to keep it tight.. Send me an e-mail with specific information about the year/type of ( Full Answer )

How do you check if the alternator is working?

Answer . Get yourself a mulitmeter, start the car then attach the meter to the battery.If the alternator is working then the meter should say that there is 13.2 to 14.8 Volts. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you remove a battery cable while the engine is running. This could cause you to DESTROY THE ( Full Answer )

What happens when the alternator doesn't work on a 2001 Hyundai accent?

When an alternator goes bad on any vehicle, it drains the battery of power. If lights are on, it will drain even faster and you will notice the lights go dim until eventually the car dies. You can not drive long without a properly functioning alternator. It is though, a standard replaceable part muc ( Full Answer )

How alternating current works?

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What happens when an alternator does not work?

If the alternator has no output then the vehicle's electrical requirements must be supplied by the battery, until dead. In addition, if the alternator quits, the alternator light, located in the instrument cluster, will illuminate

Can car be driven if alternator doesn't work?

As long as the battery is charged and electrical component use is kept at a minimum I've seen vehicles drive for a couple of hours before the battery dies. Newer cars with daytime running lights and lots of electrical toys die quicker.

Working principle of alternator?

The working principle of an alternator is like that of a smallturbine. The alternator spins and a series of copper wires andgraphite brushes inside the alternator produce electricity. Thatelectricity is then transferred to the battery to keep it chargedenough to run all of the electric parts on the ( Full Answer )

Installed new alternator in Montero- not working?

It is always more helpful in a diagnostic situation to describe what IS happening than what is not. You did not specify which Montero you are working on. Is this a "new" or rebuilt alternator? If new, keep in mind that just because it is new does not mean it is any good. Carefully inspect the rea ( Full Answer )

How do i know my alternator is working?

Is My Alternator Working? I take my vehicle to one my local nationwide auto parts stores [like Autozone, O'Reilly, etc.]. They have handheld, portable, test equipment with which they can test alternators, batteries, and electrical systems on my truck while in their parking lot. In our area [SE Te ( Full Answer )

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How do you check if the alternator works?

Start the engine and use a digital volt meter to test the voltage at the battery. With the engine running at idle you should read from 13.5 to 15.5 volts at the battery. Or you can simply drive to your nearest auto parts store where most of them will check the charging system for free.

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Alternator works but isn't charging?

test our your alt. by starting your car and removing pos+ive terminal if it still runs you still have a working alt. if the car dies then alt is bad and if alt is still working make sure batt. terminal are clean and tight. still no charge then you have a bad or weak batt.

How do the diodes in an alternator work?

A diode is a semiconductor that passes current in one direction only. The stator of the alternator generates three phase AC in a delta configuration. The six diodes are connected in a full wave bridge configuration that converts the AC to DC. At any instant of time, only two diodes are conducting, o ( Full Answer )

Alternator replaced now air conditioner won't work?

A/C Won't Work After Alternator Replacement . Either this is an unusual coincidence, OR the person changing the alternator inadvertently disconnected some of the A/C wiring [like a harness connector], OR damaged one the wires in the A/C circuit. . The A/C compressor has a wire to supply current to ( Full Answer )

What happens if your alternator doesn't work?

It will seem like it is your battery. It may start at first but eventually will die and you will attempt to use jumper cables to restart it but as soon as you disconnect the cables it will die again. The only fix is to replace the alternator , when i replaced the one in my truck i did it myself for ( Full Answer )

Working principle of 3 phase alternator?

A three-phase alternator has three sets of windings that producethree currents. The three currents make up the three phases.Together these produce the total AC output of the stator. Analternator is made up of a stator and a magnet rotor which is alsoknown as the flywheel.

What is the working principal of 3 phase alternator?

A 3 phase alternator is an AC electrical generator with 3 sets of windings in the stator. These windings overlap each other in phase angle, or timing relationship, by 120 degrees with respect to each other. The rotor (field or excitation) current is DC, and is adjusted to regulate the output power. ( Full Answer )

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How does alternator management system works?

The state of the battery is continuously monitors by AMS (Alternator Management System). When low electrical loads and a full battery charge it automatically disengages the alternator. So the load on engine and fuel consumption is reduced. So this is the use of it just check with other service cente ( Full Answer )

How do you know when alternator is not working?

The easiest way to check is apply a volt meter to the battery terminals. With the engine off the voltage should read around 12 volts. With the engine running there should be an increase in the voltage to around 14 volts. If the voltage reading stays at or decreases from the engine off level then the ( Full Answer )

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Can an electrical appliance work on alternating current?

Since most electrical grids provide an alternating current (AC), nearly all appliances are designed to run on AC. Keep in mind that many devices employ an AC/DC converter, because they contain a component that only runs on a DC current.

Will alternator 13594 work for alternator 13593?

Yes, one is a 90amp unit the other is 120, the mounts and connections are the same. better to put in the 120 in place of the 90 then to to go down in size if you have a lot of accessories.

Does a capacitor work on ac alternating current?

A capacitor has uses in both AC and DC circuits. A capacitor will block DC current when used in series, but allow an AC signal through. A capacitor used in parallel across a power supply, can be used as storage, maintaining a level DC and conducting AC interference to ground.

Will a Chevy alternator work on a ford?

Yes as long as it is early ford . Chevy has built in regulator and is a better way to price wise as compared to a 3g conversion.

How a brush type 3 phase alternator works?

A pair of slip rings on the rotor carries current from the stationary brushes to the rotor windings in order to establish a magnetic field. As the alternator rotates, the magnetic field sweeps across the stator windings inducing an electric current in these windings. This current is an alternating c ( Full Answer )

How do 1 wire alternators work?

A one wire alternator has one wire that sends electricity to the battery and electrical system. They usually always have an internal regulator.

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How alternator works when the ignition key is on?

With just the key on, the alternator does nothing. With the enginerunning, a belt drives a pulley on the alternator. Giving thesimplest explanation, that pulley is connected to a rod which turnsmagnets inside a field of copper wiring. That produces electricity.That electricity is alternating current ( Full Answer )