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Even a new battery cannot start and run the vehicle for long without the charge it needs from the alternator. The battery has a certain amount of reserve power meant to start the vehicle only, then the power supplied by the alternator keeps a constant flow of power going to the battery to keep it charged enough to run the electrical system of the car. The electrical system, especially in late model vehicles pulls a large amount of electricity, so without that constant flow to replace the high draw, the battery is drained of its reserve. If you have driven the vehicle with a malfunctioning alternator, then parked it, chances are there is just not enough power to turn the vehicle over and start it again, as it has been drained completly.If you charged the battery on a charger, it would,(if a bad alternator is your problem)start and run the vehicle again, but just until the battery is drained.

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Q: How does an alternator work and I have a 93 F150 truck with a new battery and I know the alternator is bad would this cause the truck not to start at all even with a new battery?
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Will a bad alternator keep a 1999 S10 pickup truck from starting?

The answer is no . The battery starts you vehicle , the alternator charges the battery so if your alternator is bad your battery is not receiving a charge which will cause a "no start" condition.

What can cause a truck to not start?

A dead battery is the most common cause for a truck not to start. Corroded battery cables is the second most common cause for a truck not to start.

How do you diagnose bad alternator?

Start the truck then disconnect the battery if it's still running the alternator is good

What will a new battery do for a truck?

As long as the alternator works and your charging system is correct, the new battery will start your truck and keep it running.

What could cause the battery light to come on when driving and make a truck shut down and not start if it is not the battery?

Very likely an alternator problem; if the alt is not working soon the battery would be drained and the truck would shut off.

Why does it sound like the blinkers are on but the battery is charged and the truck wont start?

the alternator is bad

Where is the grounded wire to the starter alternator to a 1087 silverado truck that will not start?

the starter,battery and the alternator are good,icheck and change the the wires but the light inside the dashboard,the headlights come on but the truck will not start.

What causes a truck not turn over Battery is 5 months old?

The most common reason for a vehicle not to turn over is a bad alternator. If the alternator is not charging the battery the engine will not start, regardless of the battery age.

Why does battery die when your truck is running?

Your alternator is not recharging the battery and is defective.

Your 1970 Chevrolet truck drains the battery?

Well it maybe that the battery is to small for the truck or the alternator is bad

Why is your 1988 Chevrolet truck with a 305 engine running of the battery only and not the alternator?

If it is running on the battery only then that means the alternator is not charging the battery.

What could be some reasons why a 1986 Ford Ranger truck will not start?

Loose cables, bad battery, alternator or starter.

Battery light comes on after truck is turned off drains battery 1985 NISSAN truck?

the diodes in the alternator have gone

Why isn't your Mazda truck alternator not charging your battery?

bad alternator, bad voltage regulator, bad battery, bad connections.

Chevy truck tries to start but dies down after a bit as if taking a load it cannot handle why?

If a Chevy truck tries to start but then doesn't, it might be that the battery is low. Check the alternator also to make sure that battery is charging properly. Some larger motors require a larger cranking amp from the battery to start.

Why 1988 Dodge truck stopped running has new battery?

bad alternator ? its not charging the battery

If the battery is brand new and the alternator is bad on a manual 93 F150 will it still not start?

should but what run to long because all power in/on truck running off battery

If the battery is good and your truck does not start what should I look at next?

you need to take the alternator off and have it tested advance auto parts does this for free

What would cause the wait to start light flash the truck not to hold a charge and the truck not to shift into OD 1992 Dodge Cummins?

alternator and od solonoid

What would cause a 1994 ford f150 truck not to start?

There are a couple of a reasons why a 1994 Ford F150 truck will not start. The truck may have a dead battery or the spark plugs need to be replaced.

What could be wrong if after installing a new battery and alternator truck still wont start or run?

It could be the starter in it. It may be weak or need replaced.

Why would my truck not start with aNew starter battery alternator?

check the wiring change the starter relay and clean ignition switch with electicial cleaner.

Your 1993 Chevrolet truck wont start with starter but will push start what might be the problem?

The starter or battery could be weak. The weakness will cause the starter to turn too slowly to start the truck.

1994 Caravan recent tune up battery alternator good you go to start it after it has sit overnite and the key turns but wont crank it will usually start after a few attempts or a jump?

This may be a dumb question, but did you remember to plug your new alternator in? I installed a new alternator on my truck but never plugged it in, so it wasn't charging the battery and kept dying.

Replacing Alternator on 2000 S10 truck rebuilt alternator?

Start replacing the 2000 s10 alternator by disconnecting the battery. Remove the air inlet hose, and the serpentine belt. Take off the bracket over the alternator if it has one. Unbolt the alternator and disconnect the wires. Reverse the procedure to install the new alternator.