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How does an ant breathe?

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If I recall correctly, the exoskeleton [its hard outer shell which is similar to our skin, except that it also acts as the ants skeleton] is porous, and thus allows the ant to absorb oxygen from the air, and to transpire harmful gasseous metabolic byproducts. j3h. A later, different, question was "tacked onto" this guestion. It is not exactly the same in that it asked if ants survive a hurricane. The answer is yes and no. Some do and some don't, much like all other kinds of animal life. Most ants have a survival technique which allows them to survive floods, which is a hurricane's number one threat to ants. In order to increase the chance of survival of the colony, the ants will gather the queen, the larvae, and as much of the food storage as possible, and move it to "high ground." If this is not possible, and they are inundated by water, they will "clump" together in a "ball," while holding on for dear life to the queen, the larvae, and the food supply. This ball will float, allowing a portion of the ants and their precious cargo to be above water, and possibly survive. Many ants will drown in the process, but usually enough of the ants and cargo will survive until the floating ball runs "aground," or against a tree or building, or such, and the survivors will climb to safety with the cargo, which will be the beginning of the new colony when the flood has subsided. j3h Like all insects, Ants do indeed breath. However, unlike humans and other mammals they do not have lungs and the oxygen is not carried by the blood. Instead they take oxygen in to their bodies through openings in the abdomen. This system of tubes, called tracheae and tracheoles, allows Atmospheric oxygen to pass to the tissues. The outside openings of tracheae are called "spiracles". Ants are small enough that they need only a few spiracles and these do not have valves to control the oxygen flow, as with larger insects.

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What do an ant breathe with?

Sharpies and they get high. And with their nose.

Is an ant a mollusc?

An ant is not a mollusk. An ant is an insect. The two are quite different. Ants have six legs and are divided into segments. They have two compound eyes. They breathe by spiracles.

How do you look after an ant?

chuck in bits of fruit and make tiny air holes smaller than an ant for them to breathe it would be best to buy an ant house though

How do ants breathe?

ants breath through their spiracles which are found on the abdomen of the ant

Is it hard for ants to breath while it rains?

Ants breathe through pores in their exoskeleton. However, they do not drown due to an oil on their skin and the surface tension of the water. If you put an ant under water it would carry a bubble down with it. Therefore, no it is not hard for an ant to breathe when it rains.

Why cant an ant get as big as an elephant?

I believe its because of the way they breathe air. Ants have little holes on their bodies that take in oxygen and if the ant grew bigger it would have breathing problems.....

Who would win ant-man vs abomination?

If the Abomination can't breathe in space like the Hulk, then all Ant-Man just have to throw him up there, IF he can survive long enough

Can you drown a ant by holding it's head under water?

Not just their heads, they breathe through spiracles which are on each body segment. If you are thinking of doing this to an ant, think about how you would like someone doing that to you.....

Does an ant have a hart?

Yes. But they don't have veins and they don't breathe. The blood just sort of swishes around like mouthwash.

How do anteaters breathe?

Anteaters are mammals so they breath through there nostrils and into their lungs. They have long noses which help them reach the ants in there ant hills.

What did the pink panther say when he stepped on an ant?

Dead-ant, Dead-ant, Dead-ant Dead-ant Dead-ant Dead-ant DEAD-ANT, Dead-ant Dead-ant... This is referring to the Pink Panther theme song.

Will an ant bite you if you hold your breathe?

As long as you don't allow any air in or out they won't bite you. Ive tried several times sticking my hand into a fire ant pile. They simply crawl on you not biting. Make sure you get them off before breathing through.

Why can't you drown an ant by dunking its head in the water?

Ants breathe through their spiracles. These line the side of the thorax, which is the end most/distal body part.

What is a Argentina ant black ant?

An Argentina ant black ant.

Where can you ANT Pads from ANT Farm?

Ant pads are just ANT Farm's version of iPads. Ant pads are not actually a product.

What do you call an ant's forefathers?

His ant-sestors

What worker ant lives the longest live carpenter ant fire ant or odorous house ant?

Between the carpenter ant, fire ant, and odorous house ant, the carpenter ant lives the longest. Carpenter ants can live up to 7 years.

What is the fastest ant?

An Argentine Ant is fastest ant for 500mph

Is there an ant called a cornflower ant?

no there is no ant named like this

Who will win bullet ant or fire ant?

bullet ant

What type of ant is the enemy of the red ant?

The black ant is

What is the homonym for 'ant'?

"Aunt" is a homonym of "ant." yep

How a ant contact with other ant?

a ant contact a other ant by using their antennea and clicking their jaws

What is the different between ant and queen ant?

An ant happens to be produced by the queen ant, and the queen ant flies to mate with a male and lays eggs.

What is the biggest ant?

the queen ant and some times the working ant

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