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There are many methods, the simplest of which would be sending a query to all banks within a given radius and if they find your bank, then the writ of execution gets filed. Further, if you ever paid the debt with a personal check, then they already have your banking information. Lastly, you can be served with interrogatories or summoned to court for a debtor's exam where you will be required to give them all of your financial information.

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Checking account with a bank that you also have credit card with Can they garnish your checking account without you knowing?


Where can I Open A Checking Account without a credit check?

You can open a checking account with The do no check your credit.

Can someone else close a checking account without premission?

No. A checking account can be closed only by the individual who holds the account. He/she needs to visit the bank and sign the account closure form in order to close their bank account. No one else can do that. But, if the account holder has given the legal power of attorney to another individual, he can act as a proxy for the customer and close their bank account.

Can husband use wife's checking account without her permission?

No. Only the owner/holder of the checking account can use the account. Even the spouse of the account holder cannot use it. In case the spouse wishes to use it, they should either be a joint holder of the account or should have a legal power of attorney to do so. Even in cases where the wife is dead, her husband as the legal heir to her property can use the account.

Who can freeze a checking account?

can the state of Indiana freeze your checking account without letting you know? who would I contact in the state of Indiana gov.about this?Answercan the state of Indiana freeze your checking account without letting you know? who would I contact in the state of Indiana gov.about this?

Can you deposit to your checking account without going to home branch?


When could women legally get a checking account on their own without a cosigner in the US?

women could legally get a checking account on their own without a cosigner in the U.S. in present day today.

Can a lawyer look into your checking account?

No one, not even a lawyer, can look into your checking account (or any of your bank accounts) without your permission or a court order.

Can you open an estate account without an attorney?

It is possible to open an estate without an attorney. Most of the forms can be obtained online or at the courthouse.

What is Standard Checking Account?

A standard checking account at most banks is an account where a person puts money in, and then they can write checks to pay their bills or get cash. A standard checking account might have a minimum balance the account holder has to maintain, without being charged a service fee.

Can a checking account be frozen?

Yes. But it wouldn't be done without a reason.

Are there any major banks that offer a free checking account without direct deposit?

Yes there are. From personal experience I can tell you Associated Bank offers a free checking account without direct deposit.

Can a bank close your checking or savings account without your permission?

Yes. Just as you can close it without their permission.

Does the IRS tax you on your checking account without interest?

No. If your checking account in non interest bearing, then the you will have no interest to report on your income tax return and therefore no tax to pay.

Can a creditor seize your checking account after you file bankruptcy?

Not without the approval of the court

Can a credit card company garnish your checking account?

Not without a court order.

Can you legally take money from your husband's checking account?

No, not without being on his account...or actually having approved access to it by him.

What is the purpose of a checking account statement?

The purpose of a checking account statement, or any type of account statement for that matter, is to keep track of your account and make sure that no fraudulent activity is happening without your knowledge. Better to be safe than sorry!

What is the biggest benefit of free online checking?

The biggest benefit to a free online checking account would be the no extra fees or requirements. Most online checking accounts are available without a minimum balance on the account, and other extra fees.

I want to make an online purchase but can't without a credit card so how can I pay using my checking account?

Many online merchants accept paypal payments. Paypal allows you to link your checking account to your paypal account.

Can your checking account be garnished without wages coming in?

if you account is being garnished you would have an order from the court in your area.. Unless it Federal

What makes a checking account more convenient than a savings account?

You can spend your money without having to withdraw cash first.

is a power of attorney for a parent filed anywhere other then with the power of attorney?

It will typically have to be filed with each third party they are working with. Without a copy of the power of attorney, a bank will not recognize the rights.

If you hqve a checking account in an overdraft condition can you open another account in another bank without having the account attached to the first account?

Yes, you will be able to open another bank account at a different institution until the bank account that is in overdraft decides to report you to check systems. Once you are reported to check systems as having owed a bank via a checking account, it is very hard to get off of it and that may prevent you from opening a bank account pretty much anywhere. Most banks check check systems.http://paymenttransactionsystems.com

Where can you get a checking account without using my social security number?

At Bank of America in LA, California