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An avalanche occurs when a mass of snow falls down a mountainside. That is because new snow (which is not wet) accumulates on a more heavy snow layer. Since the new snow layer is not compact, it could slide down toward the base of the mountain. Avalanches could be triggered by loud noise (yells, firearm shots, etc.). Skiers, snowboarders and climbers could also cause an avalanche. There are two ways to reduce avalanche risks: by installing snowsheds or by triggering controlled avalanches. These protection fences are made of rocks, soil and other materials. They prevent avalanches to fill trails used by humans. Controlled avalanches cause the accumulated snow to fall down before it could trigger avalanches by itself. When nobody is in danger, explosives are used to produce a loud noise that causes an avalanche. Avalanches could be seen every winter in mountainous regions of Québec. Fortunately, they do not often occur near inhabited areas. During the winter, do not venture in the mountain without an adult. If you walk in a trail after a snow fall, do not walk in the middle of it, but rather on the side. Avalanches always fall down in the middle of the path; thus, if you are on the side, the risks of being hit by the avalanche are lower. * In 1999, an avalanche killed many people in Kangiqsualujjuaq, near the Ungava Bay in northern Québec.
The avalanches occur as a result of the snow packed mountains become to heavy to support itself and therefore fall at the base of the mountain.

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When did the avalanche occur?

when you were born the mountains couldnt cope and made avalanche

When do these avalanche occur?

winter time

What year did the last avalanche occur?


Where in the world can you mainly find a avalanche?

An avalanche (snow or rocks) can occur in any mountainous area.

When was the last avalanche occur what date?

January 19 2010

What time of the year would an avalanche occur?

spring and summer

When does avalanches happen?

When there's snow at a right angle a avalanche can occur

Can avalanches be found in Wisconsin?

As long as there is a deep slope, and avalanche can occur.

How are landslide and avalanche different the same?

A landslide is something that would occur in a dry climate ( a cliff side, dirt) and a avalanche occurs in the snow.

Why avalanche occur more in bc and Alberta?

Because BC and Alberta have mountains.

What date did the Avalanche in Galtur occur?

well it occured on february /23/ 1999

Where did the avalanche in 2009 occur?

errr, there was more than 1 alavanche in 2009

Where do you get an avalanche?

Usually around winter because it snows.(Not always but you get what I mean??) And they occur where there are mountains.

How did the Colorado avalanche get there name?

They are in Denver, Colorado which has a ton of snowy mountains and as a result, avalanches occur

What forms a avalanche?

Avalanches are more likely to occur after a heavy snowstorm. The 24 hours following a storm are the most critical

What seasons do avalanches mostly happen?

The avalanche danger increases with major snowstorms and periods of thaw. More than 80 percent of these occur during or just after large snowstorms. The most avalanche-prone months are, in order, February, March, and January. Avalanches caused by thaw occur most often in April.

What is a similarity between a landslide and an avalanche?

They both occur on slanted landforms, occur suddenly and unexpectedly, use gravity, are caused by large amounts of unstable mass, and are capable of massive destruction.

What is Avalanche breakdown?

Avalanche breakdown is a phenomenon that can occur in both insulating and semiconducting materials. It is a form of electric current multiplication that can allow very large currents to flow within materials which are otherwise good insulators. It is a type of electron avalanche. The Avalanche process occurs when the carriers in the transition region are accelerated by the electric field to energies sufficient to free e- h pairs via collisions with bond electrons.

What is sentence for avalanche?

My mom died in an avalanche.

Can you give me a sentence using the word avalanche?

there has been an avalanche. a skier was killed by the avalanche the secretary was dismayed by the avalanche of letters that fell on her as she entered her study.

How do you use avalanche in a sentence?

the avalanche was very big

How do you spell avalanche?

The spelling "avalanche" is the correct spelling.

What is the chance of surviving an avalanche?

30% of surviving an avalanche

What are some example sentences using the word avalanche?

The avalanche buried the small village. We saw an avalanche on the mountain.

What is another name for avalanche?

another name for an avalanche is a snowstorm

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