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Biodiversity in the ecosystem increases.

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A disturbance can alter an ecosystem dramatically. If the species living there don't adapt, they can die and stop living within that ecosystem, which will further disturb it and change it forever.

Gradual change in an area over time(;;

A disturbance is a temporary change in average conditions that causes a noticeable change in something.

The gradual change in living communities that follows a disturbance is called Ecological Succession.

How do the ecosystem change over time?

anythng nd everythng can change the ecosystem

The ecosystem will change as the biotic factors move.

the factor that affect and change the ecosystem is how the people living

A landslide or volcanic eruption is a kind of primary disturbance. It causes a very drastic and sudden change in the landscape.

An ecosystem can respond to change either disastrously or greatly. If an ecosystem is treated responsibly, the ecosystem will respond greatly, but if it's irresponsibly treated the ecosystem will surely be destroyed and respond insignificantly.

Many things can cause change in ecosystem. These include habitat destruction for human builds, Introducing new species to a ecosystem that are not part of the food chain, Poaching, and even most pestacides can cause severe change to an ecosystem. Food chain disturbance example: Lionfish. They were somehow introduced by being let out of an aquarioum. These exotic fish are disturbing the food chain and causing many different other species of fish like grouper to have no food to eat.

A change in climate or natural disaster might change an ecosystem very quickly.

Environmental change is defined as a change or disturbance of the environment by natural ecological processes.

Humans often change or destroy the habitats of animals and therefore could cause the numbers of certain animals to decrease. In extreme cases, this could eventually make an animal extinct.

A change in temperature brings a new species to an ecosystem.

Overpopulation can cause an ecosystem to change because if it eats all of its food than can die

False!! Because we can help change the ecosystem in our ifes in nature

factors that can bring about changes to ecosystem tonto

The gradual change in living communities that follows a disturbance is called succession. Secondary succession is the sequence of community change that takes place when a community is disrupted by natural disaster or human actions.

Climate and weather patterns can effect continual change in an ecosystem. Disease and shifts in food supply also continually influence the ecosystem.