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The best answer to this question would be NOT to hire illegal aliens. But since that is not an option then the employer should report the theft to the local law enforcement agency. After the alien has been convicted, the employer should contact DHS-ICE at 1-866-DHS-2ICE and report a criminal alien. If the alien has not been convicted of a crime, DHS-ICE will not take any action because of a lack of manpower and funding. If this does not agree with you as a U.S. taxpayer, then you should contact your U.S. representative and U.S. Sentors and file a complaint. In the future, if you want to prevent hiring illegal aliens, I would perform a background check on all employees' social security numbers. This is not 100% but it is the best you can do.

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Q: How does an employer get an illegal immigrant deported after they stole the employer's property?
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What happens to property when someone is deported?

the government takes back the property

Is it legal for your employer to prevent you from carrying a concealed weapon in your vehicle?

It depends. A few states have passed laws that prevent employers from banning weapons in vehicles on the property, but in many states, it is not illegal and an employer can enforce basically any restrictions they see fit on their own property.

What are the laws for an employer entering an employees property to retrieve company owned property.?

Depending on the property and what the job is, the employer is sometimes allowed to enter their property. However, in most cases, they are not allowed to violate the property.

Can you carry a gun onto a employer's parking lot in Tennessee?

Yes, as long as the employer doesn't have a no gun policy. At this time, there is no law in TN requiring employers to allow guns on their property.

Can your employer designate your parking spot at work if the lot is private property?

If owned by employer, yes.

When you are at work your company email is considered?

the property of your employer

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Yes the employer has the right to deny this since the resume was given to the employer which is now company's property(just the paper of course).

Is your knowledge your property or employers property?

Your knowledge is your property. Anything you make using it while you are busy working for someone else is his property. If you make it on your own time, it is yours unless it is a competing product.

Will liability insurance pay for company property in a private vehicle if the vehicle is destroyed by fire?

usually no, but your homeowners MAY, and your employers might as well....most auto policys specifically exclude any and all personal property, and homeowners (under personal property coverage) will exclude some property 'while in or upon a land motor vehicle'.....then there is another twist because it is 'company property' .... i'd file the claim with all, but would bet that none on auto, might have some minor coverage, (with a limit) on your home owners or renters policy, but may need a denial under your employers coverage first before they can pay...... and should find coverage with your employer........

Do illegal immigrants keep their property when they are deported?

Yes. But they cannot return to the US to go fetch them. They would need someone to send it to them.

Does a person who is permanently deported have legal rights to property in the US?

Yes, if the property was acquired legally, meaning any income used to purchase the property was properly claimed and taxed, valid identity documents were used such as SS# and so forth.

How can you tell if someone is an illegal immigrant?

Scream EL MEXICAN and see if they run..... if they are on your property then just load your shotgun.

Can an employer withhold money from your check for property damage?

This varies from state to state. In Maryland, an employer must make an agreement with the employee to have deductions placed on the paycheck.

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Can Cars be-Re pro on employer property?

yes you can repo on work property as long as the work does not tell you other wise IE most hospitals will not allow you to repo on there property

Is it better to say landlord or property owner?

Landlord, Propery Owner, Boss, Employer-- no real difference. It really depends. To a Tenant, you're his Landlord. When referring to anything else, such as the property itself, you probably would say "property owner." By the way, for "Boss" vs. "Employer:" When you're talking to the employee, you're his Boss. When talking to someone else about the employee, for example, an agency trying to help the person, you say Employer.

What are the role of estate surveyor in property management?

Following are the role of estate surveyor in property management and they are Act as Educators and instructors, Land dispute arbitrators and Employers of labour.

Can an employer garnish wages of an employee that fails to return company property?

No the employer must still until time the employer feels the employee will fail at paying(usually 6 months to pay) then he may discuss with the employee about taking it out of his/her pay.

Is is legal for an employer to ask an employee to hand over a encryption key in order to monitor email?

Yes, it is legal for an employer to demand the encryption key to monitor employee mail. The computer systems and email accounts are property of the employer, not the employee.

Can an illegal alien who got deported sell their house in the US using a power of attorney?

nobody in the U.S. can sell property with a power of attorney unless the person is deceased...for property even being imprisoned the power of attorney is useless.

If an illegal immigrant dies in the United States what happens to any property heshe might own - for example if heshe had written a will would the will control?

Yes, a will is a will regardless of wether the person was a legal or illegal immigrant. As long as it was executed according the the laws of the state it is being probated in and the will is allowed by the court, their immigrant status should not matter.

Is it a privacy violation for employers to publicly display employee attendance records?

i YOu have no expectation of privacy regarding work records - they are all the employer's property. Employers can publish work records, but gain nothing from doing so.

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Can supervisors search employees trash cans?

If you mean trash cans at work, yes. The trash is the property of the employer.