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an alein cant get a green card they are already green silly!!!

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Can an illegal alien get married to a green card holder and get a status?

They will be just married to the card holder; that will not help the illegal in any way, and could have a bearing on whether the card holder can get citizenship (assisting a person they know to be committing a crime, for example).

Who is the largest stock holder in Bank of America?

Who is the largest stock holder in Bank of America????

From which cell holder will I gain the most benefits from?

It depends on what you want to do with the holder. A universal cell phone holder will let you answer the phone quickly.

What is the lien holder address for bank of america auto loans?

what is the address for bank of america auto lender lien holder

Is Valium a illegal drug in Ohio?

If you aren't a prescription holder, then yes, the medication would be considered illegal.

If one is a green card holder and marries an illegal alien does this make it harder for the green card holder to later apply for US citizenship?

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Can green card holder father take child fro the illegal mother?


Is married child of green card holder eligible for green card?

Any child of a green card holder is eligible to apply, married or not. But the wait time for married children and children over the age of 18 is about 10 yrs.

What happens if an illegal alien gets married to a green card holder?

If you went through the proper red tape then you should be an American Citizen or Canadian Citizen. If you didn't you are still considered an illegal alien. It isn't too late. Do that paperwork! Good luck Merry Christmas Marcy

If an illegal alien who has an expired tourist visa gets married to a Green Card holder will it still allow the illegal alien to apply for residency?

Yes. This question has been answered several times here. Please see related questions below for more information.

Can a none expired card holder be deported?

Not unless you do something illegal or your card expires.

How do you Become an American Citizen When Married to an American?

Green card holder

You are a work visa holder you want to get married in a court what documents you need to have with you and If you need an appoiment to get married you want to get married in Kansas or Missouri?

Say what

What happen if I get married to a green-card holder and I'm h2b visa?

hello, i entered in the usa as h2b visa , and just expired last nov 2012, can i get a greencard if i get married to a greencard holder

Do you need to be a green card holder to travel to puerto rico?

If you are an illegal alien... yes. If you are American... no.

Can The police kick you out of you house and allow another Family to stay there When your the Lease holder?

no that would be illegal

Can a green card holder marry an illegal immigrant and apply for citizenship?

you probably can but you will need a marriage certificate. that means going to officials who will discover the illegal immigration

What is a Primary Account Holder?

Primary account holder is the person on whose name the bank account is created in the first place. Ex: Assuming you have a bank account and then once you get married you would include your spouse as a joint account holder. you will be the primary account holder and your spouse would be the secondary holder.

Can a general MBA holder work in a clinic as a manager in America?


Is sharing iTunes illegal?

If you are sharing with a non-family account holder then yes it is, but family-sharing is legal.

Are peer to peer networks illegal?

No, peer to peer networks in themselves are not illegal, however transferring copyrighted material without consent from the copyright holder is illegal, regardless of whether it is transferred thru peer to peer networks.

Is it illegal to download and watch a bootleg movie?

Although the copyright holder will usually pursue the person who made the bootleg available to others, it is also illegal to download the illicit copy.

Is phishing illegal?

Yes, phishing is illegal. Phishing is the act of defrauding an online account holder. If caught phishing, the criminal could face hefty fines and jail time.

Can you get legal status in US if you get married to a 10 year green card holder?

i have read that they can

How long have Eric and Tamara Holder been married?

5 and one half years

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