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Inmates facing parole hearing are notified thirty days prior to the scheduled hearing by the facility where they are housed or by the Department of corrections.

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Q: How does an inmate acquire information about future parole hearings?
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What is inmate information used for?

How could free inmate information benefit someone and why would the information be needed?

What are the procedures for getting a divorce from an inmate?

Essentially, the procedures are the same as if he were not an inmate. You will file the divorce. He will be served papers. Where it differs is he may not be (likely will not be) writted out so that he can attend any court hearings.

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Can you get information about an prison inmate?

Yes you are able to, but it's not free. Most Websites will charge for the information on an inmate.

Where can you lookup county jail inmate information?

My friend is an inmate in county jail. Where can I get information to lookup his mailing address?

How do you find out how long inmate has in jail?

Contact the Inmate Information number at the jail and ask.

How do you find out the status of an inmate's health who's located in San Quentin?

Inmate health information are generally held confidential. You can have the inmate sign a release form which will allow you to receive that information.

What is the purpose of an inmate lookup?

An inmate lookup provides the community, where a prison is located, the opportunity to have access to information regarding in custody inmates. This information is considered public information.

How do you find inforation about a inmate?

Search the Offender Information or Inmate Information sections of the state Department of Corrections web site in the state where the person is incarcerated.

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My uncle was incarcerated last night and I need to find information. Are there websites for free inmate searches?

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There is a number you can call for inmate information however it is doubtufl that they will give you any specific information on inmate movements, transfers, and the times or dates they will occur.

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