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How does an inmate in Tennessee file for divorce?

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An inmate needs to file a petition for divorce either through the prison library or a court appointed attorney. They can also do this themselves.

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How does an inmate file for divorce in Texas?

An inmate can file for a divorce just like anyone else. The inmate can hire an attorney to file the paperwork for him or get a family member to start the proceedings.

How do to file for divorce with an inmate?

Get a lawyer to do it.

How do you file for divorce from an Ohio inmate?

The procedure to file a divorce is the same for all residents of Ohio including those that are inmates. The inmate will need to have someone file the paperwork for them.

How does an inmate get a divorce while in prison?

Contact an attorney and file for divorce, just as you would if not incarcerated.

How to divorce a tdc inmate?

How do I divorce an inmate in TexasAnswerdivorce an inmate in Texas

In the state of Virginia as a inmate in prison how to file for divorce?

As you are in prison already , you must have had a lawyer then to fight your case, so employ him to file for divorce. Another thing is as you are in prison your wife will file for divorce.

Can an inmate in Texas file for a divorce while being incarcerated when his wife lives in another state?

Can an inmate in Texas file for a divorce and do the work himself while being incarcerated when his wife lives in another state?

How do you divorce a prison inmate in Illinois?

Divorcing an inmate in Illinois is the same as divorcing a civilian in the state. You can hire an attorney to file the paperwork or file the paperwork on your own. The inmate will be served with the papers while in prison.

How do i divorce an inmate in California?

How to divorce an inmate 101 : D * go to the city courthouse * go to the first official desk you come across * ask them where to get official divorce papers * take the papers to said inmate and get him/her to sign them Plan B * if said inmate refuses to sign the papers file a divorce with a lawyer Good Luck!

How do you divorce an prison inmate in Alabama?

It is really quite easy to divorce a prison inmate in the state of Alabama. First, one would need to retain a lawyer. Then the lawyer will file the necessary paperwork to get the divorce started.

What are the procedures for getting a divorce from an inmate?

Essentially, the procedures are the same as if he were not an inmate. You will file the divorce. He will be served papers. Where it differs is he may not be (likely will not be) writted out so that he can attend any court hearings.

How do you divorce an inmate in California if you live in Oregon?

An inmate can be served divorce papers while in a California prison from a spouse in Oregon. An attorney will need to be hired to file the paperwork in the state of Oregon.

How do you serve divorce on prison inmate?

How do I divorce a Missouri Inmate.

Can your wife file for divorce in Tennessee if you live in Georgia?

yes she can

How long do you need to be separated before divorce in Tennessee?

There is no specific time a person must be separated before they can file divorce in Tennessee. A divorce can take up to 3 months or longer in the state.

Can a prison inmate in Florida file for divorce without going to courtwhat about the cost of the divorcehow can he pay?

The inmate has to ask for a law clerk to first draw up the papers, be sure to include an "indignet" (not sure on spelling) paper. The divorce papers and the other form are then submitted to the clerk of the court in the county in which that inmate is residing ( for instance if he were at Polk C.I. he'd send them to Bartow). I believe the fee is $1.00. I know for a spouse to file to divorce an inmate the cost is a dollar.

If you married in Florida and moved to Tennessee and your husband still lives in Florida can you file for a divorce in Tennessee?

No No. No because the state or place that you get married in, that's the only place that you can that you can file a divorce in. If you think about it, it all comes to you pretty clearly.

The cost for a divorce for a prison inmate?

If your spouse is willing and you don't have children, debts and so on, a boilerplate divorce will not cost much beyond getting the divorce recorded. Your ex may be able to expedite matters. ++ answer++ the inmate can get ahold of a pauper's affidavid he can ask to file at no cost.

How does an inmate file for divorce while incarcerated?

You file for divorce in prison the same way you would file if you were not in prison. The main problem you have is availability of resources. Get a good friend to mail you everything you need. I would recommend a divorce kit from your local Office Max or Office Depot.

How can a inmate get divorce papers?

divorce paper

You were married in Tennessee can you file for divorce in North Carolina?

Yes you can you are still living in the U.S.A.

If someone lives in Florida and they wish to divorce someone who lives in Tennessee where should they file?

You can file in either state. This allows for forum shopping, so file in whichever state has the most favorable divorce laws.

How does a CA prison inmate initiate filing for divorce?

A California prison inmate can initiate divorce proceedings by contacting a divorce lawyer. It will proceed normally from there.

You got married in Texas but you live in Tennessee which state do you file for divorce in?

Normally, you would file in whichever state you currently live.

Do you have to get a divorce in Tennessee if you were married in Tennessee?

No. You can get a divorce in any state.