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How does an intranet work?

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An inhouse Web site that serves the employees of the enterprise. Although intranet pages may link to the internet, an intranet is not a site accessed by the general public. For more info go to and type Intranet.

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How do you use the word intranet in a sentence?

An intranet is an internal internet, meaning that only people who work in this company can access the data on this intranet.

What might one use an intranet application for?

An intranet application is an internal private computer connection of one or more computer networks. The access and use of an intranet application is restricted to an organization and the employees who work there.

What is the difference between the Internet and an intranet?

== == # The Internet is available to the public (everyone), whereas an intranet is a private network only available to select users., e.g a school may use an intranet so that its pupils can work from home. # An Intranet provides much high speed than the Internet. # Intranet-based information is more secure than that of the Internet.

What is meant by the term business intranet?

The term business intranet stands for internal or private network of companies that work in internet technology. Intranet providers generally offers internet services to users such as email or web hosting.

How can staff members access United Intranet outside of work?

The Intranet will have some providers for both work environment and home. One such service is called Skynet which a user could look into for their personal use.

Who can access an intranet?

nobody can answer the intranet because...

What is the principle of internet and intranet?

Intranet is a completely different thing to internet. Intranet is like a network with in a company

Who can access intranet?

An intranet is a company or business network. Only the people that are members of the organization are able to access the intranet.

What is the difference between intranet and the Internet?

Difference in intranet and intenetPengas

Compare internet and intranet?

internet is global and intranet is local (server)

What place would you use an intranet?

an intranet is on internal internet in a buisness.

How do you use intranet in a sentence?

I drank some juice and went on the intranet.

Do you install an intranet on a computer?

An intranet is a network that is internal to an organisation. This is the opposite of an internet which is a network between organisations. The answer is therefore no, you do not install an intranet on a computer. The computer is either part of the intranet or it is not. It's not something you can install.

Can you access internet through intranet?

Yes, unless your intranet policy prevents it.

What is Internet and intranet?

As per my knowledge: Internet connects you with world Intranet connects you with your network example: In office people use intranet for internal communication.

How will you select best browser for the intranet of your organization?

It all depends on the work of application. If you work on legacy applications, then Internet explorer is the best choice.

Imagine you work for a health care or human service organization that does not use an intranet Write a proposal to management that lists the elements of an effective intranet why each element is imp?

An effective intranet is simple to use, clear set of rules, security, and all employees being trained on the intranet. If it is simple to use than anybody can learn it and manuver through it. Clear set of rules keeps others from ruining the system, trained employees means that the intranet and all components will run smoothly. Hope this answers your question!

Which private network that allows specified external users access?


Deiffrence between internet and intranet?

The Internet connects you to the outside world. The Intranet is a network of systems inside a business. People outside the organization can't access the Intranet.

How do you get your pay stub as a Walgreens employee?

You have to go to the place where you work and use the company's intranet site

What diffrenece an internet and intranet?

INTERnet is a public network. INTRAnet is a private/restricted computer network

Can you use intranet in a sentence?

Our business established an intranet to make our building more connected and efficient.

What is the history of the intranet and where is the first use of intranet in an corporate organisation?

some say in 1995. or 1997.

What kind of cable does have a internet have and intranet have?

for internet cable it is called RJ11 and for the intranet cable it is called RJ45

Extranet and intranet?

intranet is a local network in a certain building, campus or home. Extranet is everything else.