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It depends on which side of the event you're on first. Basically, whenever you have someone hit your vehicle that has no insurance you are making an uninsured motorist claim. This is normally where subrogation comes into play but it can work the same in any situation where a third party causes damage to your property and your insurance company comes in to pay for the damages for you. In these cases you sign over your rights to collect from the third party to your insurance company in exchange for them going ahead and paying for your damages. The insurance company will then go after the party which caused the damage and collect any damages that they caused instead of you having to take them into court and then try to collect for your damages. The insurance company basically does all this for you as you assign them your rights to the insurance company.

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What kind of release are you talking about? If you file a claim with your insurance company for Uninsured Motorists Coverage, you are awarding the company with the rights of subrogation. This means that you are giving them your right to sue the other party. If you did not have UM coverage and sued the other party on your own. In both of these cases you are not dealing with the insurance company directly, except if they call you to testify in their subrogation case against the other party.

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Company A holds your primary insurance coverage and A is involved in a claim situation with B--whether an individual or company. Company A can pay for the claim or its responsible portion of the claim and subrogate in suit against Part B so that the claim can be settled and ended for Client A.

Yes, you can file a suit again your own insurance company. If you do file suit against them, they may drop you.

First off you really don't need the insurance companies name because you are not filing suit against the insurance company. You always file suit against the party who is liable for the loss and that is the party that caused the accident itself and not the insurance company. They were not even there right? When you file suit against the owner and driver of the other vehicle they will be responsible for turning your claim over to their insurance company who will represent them and pay any loss that they are responsible for to you. That's all you have to do.

don't worry the paying insurance company will contact you for repayment once all their claims are settled they will turn it over to the subrogation dept who will get in contact with you.....or you could call the paying insurance company and ask them who you need to talk to about repayment of this debt...some company's (while i don't agree), will automatically file suit to get a judgement, so you might want to get ahold of them yourself first and offer to make some payment arrangements.....and perhaps stop that suit........i guess the friend didn't have ins. on the car and you (or your parents if you live at home) have no auto ins policys?

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Laws vary by state but I can tell you for the state of California you have up to 3 years from the date of the accident to attempt to collect money from the responsible party (ex: filing suit against someone). Now just so you know, if it was confirmed you were not insured on the date of loss, most major companies will just send the file to a collections company to go after you for the money.

Sorry, but just because the other driver had no insurance or license doesn't mean they were at fault in the accident. Anyone can sue for anything, it does't mean they will win. Turn over any suit papers you get served with to your insurance agent immediately and they will handle it. Your insurance company will pay for any damages and will pay for your defense.

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First the suit will not be filed against the insurance company but against you as the homeowner. Your insurance company will come in and protect you from the suit. This is covered under your liability section of the insurance policy. Your coverage includes legal fees in addition to the amount of coverage on your liability section.

If the other party does not have auto insurance and you do not have uninsured motorist coverage on your policy then your only recourse would be to file suit against the party who is at fault and hope to be able to recover damaged. This is the reason for having uninsured motorists insurance on your policy is because sometimes people don't have insurance as they should.

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