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How does background sound distract people?


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Well, it causes people to not be able to focus on what they're trying to do, obvvv.


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For easy listening and background music for movies so as not to distract too much from dialog

trumpets are the intro and then there is a quiet beat in the background

Distract the dog with something else, like a toy, or a sound (Or another person).

pop stars need background singers so that they can sound abit better and that they get that sound and holds that note.

They distract people from learning.

Anything can distract you. Here are the Top Kid Distractors:cellphone - just the little alert noise when you have a text is distracting!internet - don't even have it on in the background!televisionmusic - soft, instrumental music is OK but anything else is distracting!other people talking to youvideo games

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they compile sound clips recorded in-game (it is easier to do this on console versions) and add music in the background

Read your question? ''How many people in Australia background?'' This question makes absolutely no sense. In background of what?

Sound cannot be completely stopped, but it may easily weakened to one part in a million say, or it may be disguised by background sound.

If you train them to be quiet then I think they won't distract you.

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sorry but I only know that ps2 background is black with colerful balls and a background sound of the ocean.

A bee in the car may distract you. The new filly tried to distract the stallion's attention away from his harem.

The noun forms for the verb to distract are distraction and the gerund, distracting.

1.7 million people failed background checks worldwide

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