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Biodiversity contributes to the sustainability of an ecosystem because different species in a given ecosystem depend on each other.

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The two factors that contribute to biodiversity are the richness in the number of different species available in the ecosystem, or the richness in the number of individuals of the one species.This is because each species has a role in the ecosystem on which other organisms depend for survival.

Because the sustainability in plants care for the biodiversity.

Reliance on Solar Energy Biodiversity Population Control Nutrient Recycling

Biofuels that comply with the EU-RED must maintain established sustainability criteria. These criteria address GHG emissions, biodiversity loss and food security.

Biodiversity is the diversity of life on Earth. It boosts ecosystem productivity. More species mean more crops and a greater sustainability for all life.

Firstly, all areas are important. While the tropics have the most biodiversity, there are different types of organisms in each biome and all contribute to global biodiversity. They each promote ecosystem sustainability and balance nature

It is the concept that a variety of species are necessary or contribute to the survival of a given ecosystem and its species.

Biodiversity is variety of lifeforms in a specific geographic are in fixed time period . If lifeforms share same ecosystem so in one ecosystem there is a biodiversity. In this way Biodiversity is related with ecosystem

Biodiversity makes the ecosystem more stable.

The Tundra has the lowest biodiversity.

Humans need biodiversity ,as biodiversity is related to the ecosystem if there is a shift in biodiversity then there will also be a shift in the ecosystem which will in turn affect human life

Pollution results in decreased biodiversity in an ecosystem.

Succession Increases the biodiversity of the ecosystem

biodiversity makes a healthy ecosystem

the types of plants and animals that are located in that ecosystem

it makes an ecosystem more stable

You can find biodiversity anywhere that there is a variation of life, whether it be genetic, species, or ecosystem variation. Coral reefs are a great example of ecosystem biodiversity. Rainforests are a great example of species biodiversity.

The rainforests are excellent examples of biodiversity in an ecosystem.

a decrease of the biodiversity of an ecosystem.

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