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How does body image influence food choices?

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If you're fat, you'll most likely be eating fast food and other unhealthy food. If you're skinny you would most likely be eating healthy foods.

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What are four factors that influence protein food choices?

Gender, race, age, and body weight effect the choice of protein food choices.

What factors influence a person's food choices?

what can influence a persons food choices is to be deaf because I am a deaf person.

What can influence your food choices-?

There is a few things you can do to influence the food choices. You can eat healthier and eat smaller amounts.

What factors influence food choices?

Several factors influence food choices, including food prices and income. Availability, convenience, advertising, beliefs, and food restrictions influence the food choices people make. Taste and personal preferences are other factors in choosing food.

What are the factors influencing your food choices?

Dieting can effect what a person eats and will determine their food choices. If a woman is pregnant, that will also influence food choices.

What Factors that influence peoples food choices?

Your peers, family members and advertisement defineetly affects your food choices. if you are taking a quiz then the answer is convenience as NOT an influence

What are the four factors that influence food choices?

There are four main factors that influence food choices. These factors include income, availability, cooking methods and facilities as well as cultural background.

How does lifestyle influence your food choices?

It includes how you spend your time and what's most important to you. A busy lifestyle can affect your food choices.

Does advertising influence your food choices?

yes it does people it really really does

What can influence your food choices?

Generally, food choices are determined by willpower and knowledge, and may be based on a desired physical outcome, or on the appearance of a role model.

What are factors influencing cultures food choices?

There are many factors that influence culture's food choices. These factors include climate and natural vegetation and animals in the area.

How do physical needs influence your food choices?

I would consult with your physician and/or a dietician.

How does your family influence your food choices?

Your family influences your food choices in various ways. This is mostly as a result of cultural background and preferences by the family among others ways.

How does family influence your food choices?

because they can influence you starting off as a child and you don't really know better than how you were brought up. but as you grow up you start making choices on your own

Three environmental factors that influence your food choices?

dum people answer by it self

What is a healthy body image?

a healthy body image is when a person take of there body.... meaning they eat the coorect food they get their fool sleep they take vitamens to time

What are 4 factors that may influence a persons food choices?

AgeGenderFamily/CultureWhere you live

How did Asian immigration influence your food choices?

by putting different cusines and putting them toghter to make our own.

What psychosocial factors influence your food and drink choice?

Stress and anxiety affects food choices. The mood swings can also cause binging.

How is the baboons body adapted for obtaining food?

It has been observed that baboons adapt their food choices to what is available in their habitats.

How does media influence your food choices?

because the different way of portraying food so it sticks to your head that whatever the media is advertising it is good for you so you go and buy it!

How can friends and peers influence food choices?

Studies have shown that, generally, if an individual has overweight friends and peers this person gains weight as well. So food choices can be positive or negative depending on friend and peers and the individual's susceptibility to peer pressure.

How does allergy affect food choices?

It can effect food choices because you'r allergy can be a food allergy.

How can food choices influence body weight?

It is without doubt that the human body need a balanced diet which includes carbohydrates, a variaty of vitamins (commanly from fruit and veg) Protien, Sugars and Glucose(not vital but can give short term energy) and any large quantity of a food group over another food group can result in weight gain or weight loss. Best T

Tell me the meaning of healthier food choices ASAP?

The meaning of healthier food choices is choosing foods that are lower in fat, sugar, and other things that you do not need. Instead focus on choosing foods that provide you with nutrients that will help your body.