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How does bungee jumping work?

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Gravity and elastic force.

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When was bungee jumping invented?

When was bungee jumping first performed

What is crocodile bungee jumping?

just like bungee jumping

How bungee jumping works?

Click on the link below to learn about bungee jumping.

As of 2006 how many people have died bungee jumping?

over 100 people died by doing bungee jumping. bungee jumping can be really dangerous sport

What is the duration of Bungee Jumping of Their Own?

The duration of Bungee Jumping of Their Own is 1.65 hours.

When was Bungee Jumping of Their Own created?

Bungee Jumping of Their Own was created on 2001-02-03.

How many years has bungee jumping been around for?

bungee jumping has been around about 80years

How do you spell bungee?

That is the correct spelling of "bungee" as used in jumping, or for the elastic cords.

What is the price to bungee jump?

depends on where ur bungee jumping

When did bungee jumping appear in the US?

Bungee jumping first started in the U.S. in 1986. John Kockelman opened The Palo Alto Bungee Club. Which was not only the first bungee jumping business in the U.S. , but also the first in the world. The name was changed shortly after to Bungee Adventures.

Where can you bungee jump in Massachusetts?

USA has many Bungee Jumping Locations .Here is a website listing various places of US for Bungee Jumping :-

What do you need for bungeee jumping?

In order to have a fun and safe bungee jumping experience a bungee cord and a bridge is needed.

What kinds of equipment's do you us in bungee jumping?

You could ask someone who knows a lot about bungee jumping, or call a bungee jumping facility for more information. That way you could speak with a professional on the subject.

Is it safe to go bungee jumping with no rope?

Yes. However, bungee jumping without a bungee chord will probably result in serious injury or, more likely, death.

How many bungee jumping deaths happen each year?

only one person died in the usa from bungee jumping

Advantages of bungee jumping?

The thrill

Is bungee jumping a sport?


How do you spell bungi correctly?

BUNGEE. I'm assuming you mean bungee jumping.

What are the chances of dying from bungee jumping?

The chances of dying while bungee jumping in 1 in 500,000. Or in simpler terms, 2 in a million.

How many people die from bungee jumping?

About 18 people die every year due to bungee jumping related accidents.

Is skydiving or bungee jumping more dangerous?

skydiving, the bungee cord is not prone to breaking

Where can you bungee jump in Ohio?

There are no professional bungee jumping companies in Ohio, but there is one in Tyrone, Kentucky, called Vertigo Bungee.

Is there bungee jumping in Walt Disney World?


What year was bungee jumping invented?


How can you die from bungee jumping?

the cord can snap

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