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Captain Rex dies when he fights Assajj Ventress in Star Wars the Clone Wars.I found out from the comics

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Q: How does captain rex die?
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How does captain rex die in movies?

no, captain rex does not die. at least... not yet..

How did clone captain rex die?

Whether or not Captain Rex died has yet to be confirmed

Will captain rex die?

That is a mystery to be revealed.

Did captain Rex ever become a stormtrooper and if so how and when did he die?

No. Captain Rex died when he was in battle and I think by Asaj Ventress

Does capptin rex die in star wars?

Captain Rex is not dead yet and I hope he doesn't.

How did captain rex die?

No one knows what his fate is yet.

Who or how did captain rex die?

Rex's fate has not been revealed

Does captain rex die?

actually no; rex and Cody get absorbed into the imperial army; after the end of the empire rex fights along side Luke skywalker and trains new soilders for the rebellion

Did Captain Rex die in the Clone Wars television series?

no the series isn't over unless you are referring to the 2003 series which rex isn't specified

Is captain rex a clone trooper?

Captain Rex is an Clone Trooper. Specifically, he is an ARC Trooper.

Did Star Wars captain Rex die?

We did not see him die in the Clone Wars series. His fate is still yet to be revealed

Does Captain Rex die in Star Wars?

Captain Rex has not died yet, (so far so good!) and we are at th 3rd, 4th, or 5th episode of season 4 so let's hope he doesn't.

Who is clone captain rex?

Rex is a clone captain in the show "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and he works with Anakin Skywalker.

Does ashoka love captain rex?


Who is the best clone captain?


Why does captain rex where a mask?

To be safe.

Is captain rex a storm trooper?


Who plays captain rex in the movies?

Captain Rex is not in any Star Wars movies only that movie in Clone Wars. The person who plays Captain Rex is Dee Bradley Baker and he is the voice for all clones in Clone Wars.

Is Cody higher than rex?

of course Cody is a commander and rex is captain

Does captain Rex love someone?

Mabey, rex and ahsoka have a strong relationship!

When will rex die in star wars?

Rex has yet to die in Star Wars. He was recently shown in a trailer for Star Wars Rebels Season 2. It showed him and two other clones as old men.

Is captain rex on Star Wars Battlefront 2 for ps2?

no captain rex wasn't introduced till the clone wars spin off

Is Captain Rex in Star Wars Episode 3?

No Captain Rex is not in Episode 3, for he was a new character for the animated Clone Wars series.

Does Captain rex get shot?

No one knows what fate will bestow upon Captain Rex. There are several questions yet to be revealed at the end of the show

Is captain rex inl ove with ashoka?