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she will pur and you will see the kittens moving in her stomache and be able to feel the kittens bodies yeah well my cat is really fat and kittens movingbut when are the other signs though??:S

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How do cats act before they give birth?

The cat will pur and run around the house but not all cats do that some stay in a place and give birth to their kittens

How many times can a cat give birth?

how many times can a cat give birth

Can a cat give birth to a dog?

Cats can not give birth to dogs.

How many babies does a cat give birth to at one time?

A cat can give birth anywhere from about 2 to 8. A cat has 8 nipples so they usually don't give birth to more than 8.

Can a cat only give birth one kitten?

Yes, a cat can indeed give birth to only one kitten.

When will cat moon on eastenders give birth?

she will give birth in about 3 months

What is the name of the oldest cat to give birth and how old was she?

Oldest Cat to Give Birth: In 1987 a domestic cat, named Kitty, give birth to two kittens at the age of 30 years. **Courtsy of: ** Dorling Kindersley, 1995

How many kittens can a cat give birth to?

It depends on what type of cat it is

Where should your cat give birth?

A cat should give birth in a quiet area, some place known to the cat. It should be a place where the cat is comfortable, calm and safe. A cat shouldn't give birth in another cats territory. The other cat and/or cats might think that they are trespassing or invading its territory. Another cat might try to hurt the newborn.

How do you give birth to a cat?

First you have be a female cat. Then you have to have sex with a male cat, or be artificially impregnated. Then you wait a few moths, and then the female cat gives birth.

Will cats hide when they give birth?

Normally. Yes. If you don't provide a secure place for your cat to give birth, the mother cat will find a place to hide. My mother cat gave birth on Father's Day and just before she gave birth she was hunting for a hiding place. It is best to provide a secure place for the mother cat to give birth, which I did and she had 6 beautiful kittens (Manx).

Should a cat be in a box while giving birth?

It doesn't have to be in a box, a cat give birth, in a safe and comfy spot.

Do cat vomit before they give birth?

sometimes, if you feed your cat before it gives birth it will most likely vomit.

Did cat give birth?

Yes it had 3 babies

How can yo tell if a cat is about to give birth?

the cat will get bigger and maybe a little slow

How do you know when your cat will have kittens?

Just prior to the mother cat giving birth she will be looking for a place to give birth. It is best to watch for this behavior. My mother cat did this just before she gave birth.

How will a cat behavior when she is about to give birth?

Your cat will behave in a panic! She will be in labor meowing and acting sick!

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