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Catfish find their food overwhelmingly by smell - they have very poor eyesight. When fishing for catfish, the most foul smelling, disgusting bait you can come up with will give you the best results, as a rule.

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Catfish find their food through smell

Although catfish have what looks like whiskers, they are actually barbels. The barbells have taste receptors on them, so a catfish can find food in it's natural, murky habitat.

Catfish do have whiskers which are called barbels and they help the fish find food

There is a species of catfish that has a special ability. The walking catfish which lives in South Asia has the ability to walk across land to find food.

Catfish have adapted to their habitat in several ways. Catfish have a really good sense of smell, their whiskers help them to feel around in the low depths of the ocean, and they have also adapted to needing less light to live.

No,catfish food is only for catfish. Gold fish love Flake food, witch you can buy at Walmart. It is in a orange can. Hope I helped:)

They can smell it and feel it with their 'whiskers.'

A habitat is a place where a living thing can find food , shelter , protection and mates.

The red tailed catfish can grow upto 5 feet in length depending on its habitat and how the fish is fed.

There are lots of catfish species. Some will and some won't. Name the species of catfish and you will get a more accurate answer

yes catfish are scavengers and eat most things

catfish usually live at the bottom of freshwater lakes and rivers

Hot places or places they can find food

Catfish are generally large freshwater fish with whiskers used for feeling for food and smelling in the water.

you will mostly find catfish in a lake or river they dont adapt to salt water very easily

The plural form of the noun catfish, a word for a living thing, is catfishes.The noun catfish, a word for a food substance, is an uncountable noun.

fishing for them is different. bass eat based more on visual food certain eye catching purse would be usefull, and catfish find food based more on smell and taste. so food like worms or dips would be used.

no , but you can get hit by the dorsal fin. you cold get food poisening from under cooked or raw catfish meat

You can find it easily by checking the fins of and tails of catfish. Female catfish have large tale and fins so you can check it by comparing two. The second thing is that you should check is to find out fins of catfish in female catfish there is a mark on her fin which distinguish her as female.

sausage catfish custard

Catfish are all bottom feeders. Their food chain is phyto plankton (tiny plants), zoo plankton (tiny animals), then small fish.

A person can find pictures that show the difference between the genders of catfish in a book about catfish. It can also be found in a book about aquatic animals.

Some birds are able to find food in more than one habitat.

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