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The highly contagious airborne disease chickenpox usually starts with a skin rash on the body and head, which becomes itchy, raw pockmarks, that usually heal without scarring.

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Chickenpox can also cause myalgia (muscle pain), itching, nausea, fever, headache, sore throat, pain in both ears.

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Can chickenpox affect the inner part of your penis?

Chickenpox can affect the skin and mucous membranes of any part of your body, including your genitals.

Does chickenpox affect life expectancy?

Normally, people recover fully from chickenpox and it does not affect life expectancy.

How many turtles die from chickenpox?

Turtles can't get chickenpox. Chickenpox affect humans and a few other primates.

Can a woman be sterile if she never has chickenpox?

Chickenpox does not affect fertility. Any woman can be infertile, but it has nothing to do with her chickenpox history.

What tissue does chickenpox affect?

Chickenpox primarily affects the skin and mucous membranes.

What is chickenpox and how does it affect your body?

Chickenpox is a disease that is caused by the varicella zoster virus. Chickenpox usually starts with flu-like symptoms after which time red spots appear on the trunk of the body that quickly spreads to other parts. These spots develop fluid-filled blisters that can be very itchy. Chickenpox may cause a high temperature, vomiting and loss of appetite.

Does having chickenpox affect shingles?

Yes, having chickenpox affects shingles. Anyone who has had chickenpox may get shingles in the future.

Who does chickenpox affect?

anyone who has not had it yet

Is chickenpox the same as cowpox?

Chickenpox and cowpox are 2 different viruses. Cowpox affects Cows mainly and chickenpox affect people.

Can chickenpox spread all over your body?

Yes, chickenpox can occur on any skin or mucous membranes of your body.

How does chickenpox affect your skin?

Chickenpox causes small bumps that turn into blisters, sores, and crusts.

Can you get chickenpox on your penis?

Chickenpox sores can affect the genitals or any other skin or mucous membranes.

If you had chickenpox at age 7 What might prevent you from getting chickenpox a year later?

You cannot get chickenpox twice. Your body adapts to the virus and you no longer break out. You can, however, get shingles later in life from the chickenpox virus still in your body.

Where on the body do you find chickenpox?

Chickenpox bumps can be found on any skin or mucous membranes.

What does chickenpox virus target?

Your body..........=)

Can you get chickenpox or shingles from someone if you had chickenpox vaccine?

You are not likely to get chickenpox from someone if you had the vaccine. You can get shingles if you had chickenpox vaccine, but you don't catch shingles from someone. Shingles is caused by reactivation of chickenpox virus that is hidden in your own body after having chickenpox or getting the vaccine.

How does chickenpox enter your body?

Chickenpox enters your body through the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory system. It is spread by droplet transmission (airborne) as well as by direct contact with wet chickenpox blisters or sores.

Can you only get adult chickenpox on one part of the body?

Chickenpox in children and adults is typically throughout the body. Shingles is likely to be found on only one part of the body.

What is the portal of entry for chickenpox?

Chickenpox enters the body through the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory system.

Where is the first place on your body to get chickenpox bumps?

Chickenpox lesions usually show up first on the chest, head, and back. Then it spreads over the body.

Can you get chickenpox or shingles if you had chickenpox?

You are not likely to get chickenpox if you had them before, but the virus stays in your body for life, and may be reactivated in the future to cause shingles. Between 20 and 30% of patients who had chickenpox get shingles later in life.

Are humans the only ones that get chickenpox?

Humans and some primates are the only animals that get chickenpox. It does not affect other animals such as dogs and cats.

What are the advantages of chickenpox vaccine?

Chickenpox vaccine provides protection against the chickenpox virus, which can cause both chickenpox and shingles. Getting the vaccine reduces the risk of serious complications, which can occur in pregnant women with chickenpox as well as immunocompromised patients.its a practice for your body

How do you get rid of chickenpox on your penis?

Chickenpox on your penis will go away with time just as it disappears from other parts of your body.

What could chickenpox come back as?

Chickenpox virus remains in your body, and may be reactivated later to cause shingles.

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