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How does chlamydomonas make its own food?

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Is Chlamydomonas a producer or consumer?

A producer, because it has a chloroplast to make its own food using photosynthesis.

How do amoeba and chlamydomonas obtain nutrients?

Amoeba obtains food by phagocytosis while Chlamydomonas is photsynthetic and prepares its own food from carbon dioxide and water .

What is the function of water inside a Chlamydomonas?

Water inside a Chlamydomonas is used in photosynthesis. This is where the cell mixes water with Carbon dioxide to make glucose and oxygen. It uses the glucose as a food.

How does chlamydomonas eat food?

Chlamydomonas has autotrophic mode of nutrition. It synthesis the organic foodmaterial in the presence of light by photosynthesis.

Compare the way amoeba and chlamydomonas eat?

Amoebas eat by wrapping their bodies around their food and chlamydomonas eat by photosynthesis.

How does chlamydomonas obtain nutrients?

Chlamydomonas is a single celled aquatic alga . It possess chloroplast and chlorophyll, it prepares its food by photosynthesis .

Do herbivores make their own food?

no they do not make their own food autotrouphs make their own food

What does a chlamydomonas make from nitrogen?


What is the species and genus for chlamydomonas?

Chlamydomonas isKingdom: ProtistaDivision: ChlorophytaClass: ChlorophyceaeOrder: VolvocalesFamily: ChlamydomonadaceaeGenus: ChlamydomonasThe genus chlamydomonas has 4 identified species:Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiChlamydomonas caudata WilleChlamydomonas moewusiiChlamydomonas nivalis

What process does chlamydomonas make glucose?


Can a snail make its own food?

No, snails do not make their own food.

Does grass make its own food?

No grass does not make it own food .

Can heterotrophs make their own food?

An organism that can make its own food

Do plants not make their own food?

Plants do make their own food.

What is a organism that can make its own food?

Autotrophs can make their own food.

How do bacteria make their own food?

They make their own food because they have chloroplast which is where photosynthesis takes place so this is how they make their own food.

What eats chlamydomonas?

what eats chlamydomonas

Which kingdom does not make their own food?

The animal kingdom does not make it own food. There is really no animals that make food

Can animals make their own food?

animals can't make their own food

How do plants make its own food?

plants make there own food by photosynthesis.

Can flatworms make their own food?

flatworms cannot make their own food.

Organisms that do not make their own food are called what?

Heterotrophs do not make their own food.

Can a zebra make their own food?

No, zebras can't make their own food.

Does moneran make its own food?

Yes, Moneran does make it own food.

How does paramecium make its own food?

Paramecium does not make its own food, it is a consumer.

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