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How does comprehensive policy differ from fire policy?


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There is no such thing as a comprehensive homeowners policy. What you are probably thinking of is a HO policy or Homeowners policy. Their are 2 common policy's sold that are homeowners. One is an HO-3 and the other is an HO-5. These policy's provide a wide range of coverages compared to just a DP-1 or DP-3 policy. DP is a dwelling fire policy. This provides just very basic perils on a policy. Pretty much it just covers wind, fire, weather, and a few other basic things.


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The answer is in your particular policy, but if it does not your renters or homeowners policy may cover those items.

Comprehensive is a type of coverage you can add to an automobile policy. Comprehensive coverage is a physical damage coverage that includes damage to your vehicle that is not included in collision coverage. Collision coverage is damage done when you hit something or turn the vehicle over. Comprehensive includes fire, theft, vandalism, and animal collision. You can have comprehensive without collision but not collision without comprehensive.

A fire Insurance Policy is Fire Insurance for the covered property indicated on the policy.

If you have Comprehensive Coverage on your Auto Insurance policy, you will be covered. They will either repair the vehicle or compensate you for the loss of the vehicle if it is not repairable.

no motor vehicles are excluded - it would be covered under your auto policy provided you have comprehensive coverage.

There are many different types of insurance policies to choose from, including comprehensive and liability. When choosing a policy, be sure to consider the cost and your basic needs.

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What? Why would it be? The comprehensive deductible is your retained limit of an occurance so unless you have a policy with a diminishing deductible or some other policy benefit that would waive a deductible it applies to each and every claim.

If you hit a deer, that's a collision and is paid out from your Collision coverage. Comprehensive is for Physical damage done to your car, such as a tree falling on it, theft, vandalism and fire. Yes, the comprehensive portion of your auto policy covers collision with an animal, such as a deer. It would be subject to your deductible. Actually it's covered out of comprehensive coverage and in most cases your rates will not go up. Comprehensive covers acts of nature including colliding with an animal

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Any building property policy such as a homeowner policy or commercial property policy will cover fire damage.

Your comprehensive coverage porportion of your policy may cover the critter damage depending on the terms of your policy.

A fire insurance policy covers "Fire". That's why it's called a fire policy. If you want more coverage then you have to step up to a homeowners insurance policy so you can get all the other coverages you want or need.

You should consider the type of policy you are getting. A named peril policy covers less than an comprehensive policy does.

fire and theft, comprehensive and accident

Each company has several different policies and each policy can cover different perils. Also, each policy can have additional endorsements which would cover more perils than a regular "bare bones" policy. A fire policy is another name for a homeowners policy. The common basic perils are fire, storm, and theft.

The windshield generally falls under the comprehensive portion of your policy.

if your full coverage includes comprehensive coverage then yes, Auto theft is covered under the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance policy.

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