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Trees die on construction sites if the area under their canopy (the limbs and leaves) is injured in some way. Heavy vehicles driving over the roots compact the soil so that air flow and water cannot access the roots as needed. Putting sidewalks or driveways through the root area, cutting and removing roots leaves the tree without some of the support it needs to keep from falling over, not to mention some of its resources. If the bark is scraped or the tree is pruned too aggressively in the wrong season the tree can die.

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What is a fatal decline?

A fall into death.

What did Mussolini's death have to do with Hitler's death?

They were both related to their decline and fall from power .

What caused the decline of the Mauryan Empire?

Asokas death

What causes population to grow?

birth to decline, death

What was the cause of decline in song dynasty?

Death of there leader

How did the great famine and the Black Death lead to decline of feudalism?

the Black Death caused people to loose faith. They lost faith in god and church.which led to decline.

How did vesailles contribute to France's decline after death of Louis XIV?

Because they needed to have the French revolution in order to decline!

How many years after George Washington's death did constuction of the monument begin?

49 years, construction began in 1848. (Washington died in 1799)

How did the black death cause feudalism to decline?

It was because people died from it, hence the term "death"

What are the reasons of the decline of feudalism?

black death (plague) and crusades

What contributed to the decline of feudalism?

Bubonic Plague (black death)

Does rem sleep decline from infancy until death?


What happened after the death of Mansa Musa?

The Mali Empire began to decline.

What are the symbolic meanings of vultures?

They typically signify death or impending death.

What have caused death rate to decline in recent years?

Improved health care-

What is death as defined by the American Medical Association?

The absence of brain activity.The absence of brain activity.The absence of brain activity.The absence of brain activity.The absence of brain activity.The absence of brain activity.

What caused the Persian Empire to decline after the death of the Darius?

It did not decline. It remained stable until taken over by Alexandria the Great's Macedonia 150 years later.

What are the symptoms of death?

Death means no breathing, no brain activity, and body temperatures lowering.

How did the Black Death lead to the decline of the feudal system?

too many people died

How did the Hundred Years War and the black death effect the decline of feudalism?

everyone died

How did the Black Death lead to the decline of the fuedal system?

Alot of people started dying

Describes the activity in a house after death?

The Bustle in a House

What would a population decline?

If the death rate was higher than the birth rate. It might also decline if the necessities to survive are suddenly depleted, such as food sources or habitats.

What causes animals to become extinct or endangered?

Many reasons. Extinction is usually (but not always) preceded by a period of decline. The decline could be caused habitat destruction (either by direct human activity or climate change), disease or over hunting. Occasionally there is some dramatic event which causes the immediate or near-immediate death of all or most individuals of one or more species. This could be seismic activity, asteroid impact, extremely sudden climate change or a particularly savage disease.

What external factors led to the decline of Mali?

the external factors led to Mail's decline is that after Mansa death, the descendants argued about who should be the next ruler of Mali,the raided and burned it.