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Cooking vegetables won't "deprive" them of vitamins since they will still have the vitamins after cooking. However, cooking will alter the vitamins' structures (heat denatures things like enzymes and proteins), which can then lower the bioavailability (the availability a nutrient has to be absorbed by the body) of the vitamins once you eat the cooked vegetable. The vitamins and nutrients are still present, but not to the extent they were when the vegetable was raw. To get maximum nutrients and vitamins from vegetables, eating raw or fresh-frozen (vegetables that are frozen at the peak of freshness - all the good stuff is still present) are the best. However, there are some important nutrients that become more bioavailable to the body after the cooking process (such as the antioxidant lycopene found in tomatoes).

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Q: How does cooking vegetables deprive them of vitamins?
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Are all vitamins destroyed in the cooking process?

No, many vitamins are not affected by the cooking process. However, certain types of cooking, particularly boiling, are known to leech vitamins out of vegetables.

Soaking vegetables in water before cooking causes leaching of water soluble vitamins and minerals?

does soaking vegetables in water before cooking cause leaching of water soluble vitamins and minerals

What is conservative cooking?

This means cooking vegetables to conserve the nutrients they contain

Are vegetables healthier cooked or raw?

Raw. cooking destroys anxtioxidents and vitamins somewhat.

Which vitamin has vegetables in?

Vitamins dont have vegetables in it. Vegetables have different vitamins in them.

What cooking method allows vegetables to retain the most color vitamins minerals and are not cooked in fat?


What vitamins do you get from vegetables?

Different vegetables will provide different vitamins.

What is full of vitamins?

Vegetables and fruits are full of vitamins and other nutrients. Leafy green vegetables, root vegetables and fruits are especially packed with vitamins.

Do cooked vegetables have vitamins?

yes cooked vegetables do have vitamins but the vitamin content wont be as much as in fresh vegetables.

How do you conserve vitamins when preparing food?

Cook just enough, without over cooking. Many vitamins are lost when food is overcooked. Steam vegetables, which remain crisp, rather than boiling until the vegetables become soft and rather mushy.

Why is it not a good idea to overcook vegetables?

Overcooking vegetables will most likely burn them, which will not taste very good. Also, too much heat will dry the vegetables out and make them undesirable to eat to most people. Read any packaging available to see the preferred way of cooking. Over cooking vegetables break down many of the vitamins and other good things in the vegetables, so they lose much of their nutritional value. Boiling them will also leech many of the vitamins and minerals out of the vegetables and leave them in the water.

Does the cooking process destroy many vitamins?

Cooking tends to destroy vitamins through the heat. However, some foods increase in vitamins through cooking.

Will cooking food in water delute the vitamins in them?

Yes excessive cooking does destroy the vitamins.

Which fruits or vegetables contain vitamins?

All the fruits and vegetables contain vitamins. It's just that some fruits or vegetables have more vitamins than others. Fruits have lots of Vitamin C and vegetables have Vitamin A.

Why cooking destroys vitamins?

Cooking destroys vitamins because the heat from the cooking ruptures the cells of the vitamins and therefore renders the nutrient useless to the body. However, cooking makes certain foods higher in vitamins, but you need to know from the list which ones they would be.

What food has vitamins?

Fruits and vegetables have a lot of vitamins.

What nutrients and vitamins do vegetables provide?

they provide you with vitamins

Does vegetables contains vitamins and minerals?

Yes, there are vitamins and minerals and vegetables, they absorb them from the ground while they grow.

Which preparation or storage techniques for fruits and vegetables will preserve the most vitamins?

The best storage technique would be to add salt or sugar to it. Because drying ot cooking may destroy most of the vitamins.

How are vegetables important?

they are vitamins.

Vitamins in vegetables?

There certainly is a good reason as to why your mother told you to eat your vegetables; they're very rich in vitamins. Vegetables have vitamin A, C, K, E, Folate and many more healthy vitamins.

Why are vegetables the healthiest food?

Vegetables has lots of Nutrients in them and vitamins.

What fruits and vegetables are natural sources of as -well as vitamins?

Fruits and vegetables are a good source of minerals, fiber, and vitamins.

How do you find vitamins?

you can find vitamins in plants like vegetables and fruits

Which is better fruits or vegetables?

vegetables because vegetables has more vitamins and minerals and less sugar and fruit has a little bit more sugar than vegetables and some fruits don't have ALL the vitamins and minerals but vegetables do.