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How does cooling control bacteria?

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Cooling can control the spread and growth of bacteria. As the temperature lowers, the movement and division of bacteria slows and eventually, as the temperature falls enough, ceases.

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How can food poisoning bacteria be destroyed in food?

by rapid cooling

How does dehydration help control bacteria?

Dehydration helps control bacteria in a great number of ways. Dehydration denies the bacteria the water that they need to survive.

Why is immediate cooling is necessary after pasteurisation?

Pasteurisation does not kill all bacteria in the milk. Some bacteria are not killed in the heating process and will start to multiply again after pasteurisation. Cooling after pasteurisation is needed in order to limit the amount of bacterial growth that occurs. Bacteria reproduce very slowly in cold conditions, but very quickly in hot conditions. Cooling is the only preservative that is used after pasteurisation.

Can dogs control their panting?

No they cannot control it they do not sweat so that is there way of cooling off .

What is the control center of the bacteria?

the middle

What is a bypass pot feeder?

A bypass pot feeder is used to add a chemical (liquid or solid) to the suction side of a process pump. This is most commonly used with cooling water that is circulated from a cooling water tower to a heat load. Injecting chemicals can be used to control pH or various bacteria, etc.

How do vaccines control bacteria?

Vaccines control bacteria by inhibiting growth and reproduction. These vaccines will generate antibodies which will empower the immunity system in the body.

What is the control center of bacteria cell?

in your face

What is control center of the bacteria cell?

The Nucleus.

The positive control of the lactose operon in bacteria is what?

Catabolite repression is the positive control of the lactose operon in bacteria. Glucose is metabolized initially and when depleted, the lactose.

Bacteria use dehydration synthesis to make something from monosaccharides?

how does dehydration control the growth of bacteria?

Thermal pollution control measures?

Thermal pollution control helps measure the high temperatures caused by thermal discharges. Many measures are taken to control thermal pollution such as cooling towers, cooling ponds, spray ponds, and artificial lakes.

How can bacteria be used to control insects in crops?

One example is the use of a bacteria called Bacillus thuringiensis on certain crops such as members of the cabbage family to help control Lepidopteran insects. The insects eat leaves which have the bacteria on them, and the bacteria have a protein which is toxic to the caterpillar, killing it.

What is a process of the food industry that is used to kill harmful bacteria?

A process of the food industry that is used to kill harmful bacteria is pasteurization. Milk is made to last longer and control bacteria through pasteurization. Any product containing eggs is pasteurized to control bacteria.

How do antibiotics control disease?

Antibiotics kill bacteria.

What is the control center of a cell not found in bacteria?

The nucleus!

Where is cooling fan control relay maza 626 2002?

Cooling fan not working. need wiring diagram or some information on how to repair.

What is the purpose of a control plate?

A control plate in microbiology is used given a bacteria with a known reaction to the test. This is done to compare to some unknown bacteria undergoing the test.

What is the control center of the bacteria cell?

DNA contains the instructions for the cell, basically it is the control center.

What ways are there to control bacteria?

Although most bacteria are harmless, and many are beneficial, the risks of bacterial infections are great enough to warrant efforts to control bacterial growth. One method used to control the growth of potentially dangerous bacteria is sterilization. Sterilization destroys all bacteria by subjecting them to great heat. Another method of controlling bacteria is by using disinfectants-chemical solutions that kill pathogenic bacteria. They're also used for cleaning products.

What is the purpose of cooling the inoculating instrument prior to obtain the inoculum?

otherwise the heat would kill the bacteria (inoculum)

What is the purpose of a control agar plate?

it lets the bacteria grow

What factors can you control that would slow down the reproduction of the bacteria?

One of the factors that can you control that would slow down the reproduction of bacteria is the temperature and the humidity. Many bacteria grow best in a warm, humid environment similar to human body temperature.

Where is the temperature control switch for the cooling fan1992 ford escort lxlocated?

There is no temperature control switch for the cooling fans. The PCM Power control module receives input from the temperature sensor on the water outlet housing. The PCM turns on the fans when the temperature reaches 210 degrees through the CCRM.

How can you control thermal pollution?

# provide adequate cooling towers # channel thermal effluents #

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