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You hold down CTRL(at bottom left&right of keyboard) and press C.

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Q: How does copy using control key on keyboard works?
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How do you copy something using the keyboard?

to copy something using keyboard shortcuts you use ctrl+c and to paste you use ctrl+v

How do you copy a sentence using a keyboard?

highlight it and then right click and then find copy

What key on the keyboard is short for copy?

Control + W or ALt + F4

What button on the keyboard is for Copy?

To copy text using the keyboard, you need to hit two letters at once. Typically this is the control button and the letter C button on Windows. On a Mac It would be the Command button and the letter C button at the same time.

How do you make a man shape using your keyboard?

Here, just copy this: ("'( (0_0) )"')

How to make a gun using a keyboard?

︻┳テ=一 - - - - - There, just copy and paste that!

How do yo copy a text using your keyboard?

To copy text using your keyboard, a person would use the key combination of cntl+c. This would copy a line of text or an image after it has been selected. To paste the object or text, use the combination of cntl+v.

What are the uses of control keys in the keyboard?

Primarily to use in combination with other keys to make keyboard shortcuts. Like Ctrl+C means 'copy' in Windows.

How do you copy the page on the computer using the keyboard?

CRTL + C to copy and CTRL + V to paste. Also CTRL + X is used to cut.

Advantages of using the copy and paste function?

It works for most things

What is copy command?

The copy command in computers saves some selected information, be that text, a file, part of a photograph, or something else, to a virtual "clipboard". It can usually be accessed with the keyboard shortcut "control-c". After an item is saved to the clipboard, it can then be pasted into a second location, making a copy of the original. The "paste" keyboard shotcut is "control-v".

What keyboard shortcut can you use to copy highlighted text?

Ctrl - C is the most common keyboard shortcut to copy highlighted text, but there are others, depending on the application you are using. For example, in Word you can use Shift - F2.

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