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he gets his magic from the devil its easy to tell

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Q: How does criss angel perform his magic?
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Is criss angel's magic real?

criss angel's magic is some times fake but a lot of it is real

How can criss angel levitate?

With magic ;¬)

How does Criss Angel do his mirror trick?

It is magic.

How did criss angel become interested in magic?

Criss Angel became interested in magic when his grandma taught him a card trick at the age of 7.

How much does a criss angel ultimate magic kit cost including shipping and handling?

What does the criss Angel ultimate magic kit have inside

How does Criss Angel make things disappear?


Does Criss Angel use Black Magic?

Criss Angel does not use black magic for levitating and walking on water nice try though im a magician

What are facts about criss angel?

Criss Angel was born on the 19 of December 1967. Criss first learned magic when his aunt told him a card trick.

Who is the best person who does magic?

Criss angel is the most famous person who does magic

How did Criss Angel learn magic?

i think it is some kind of a black magic.

How old was Criss Angel when he became a magician?

Criss Angel started practicing magic when he was around 10 years old.

Can do magic?

yes i know a lot of magic. criss angel teaches you on tv and live

Does criss angel practice magic?

of coarse. in order for him to perform it he must practice and get it perfect . i know because i am a begginer magician and every magician MUST practice his/her magic tricks.

How and where to know the secrets of magic tricks?

To be a magician like Criss Angel

Is the criss angel platinum magic kit any good?


Is Criss Angel a fraud?

Criss Angel is an illusionist, he makes no claims to have paranormal or supernatural powers, his job is to entertain. There is NO SUCH THING AS MAGIC, only illusion.

What are some of the more popular Criss Angel magic tricks?

Criss Angel is a TV magician, born in East Meadow, New York in the United States of America. Criss Angel has a number of memorable magic tricks, but the most popular are the floating card magic trick, the chain around the neck, and floating in the air.

What are the release dates for Criss Angel Mindfreak - 2005 Animal Magic 2-11?

Criss Angel Mindfreak - 2005 Animal Magic 2-11 was released on: USA: 14 June 2006

How did Criss Angel do the throwing the card at the motorcycle trick?

it was true magic. I swear.

Who is the worlds greates magician?

Criss Angel, he was so amazing in performing magic.

Does the criss angel ultimate magic kit come with a levitation DVD?


Is criss angel really levitating or is it an illusion?

It is an illusion, as it is with all magic shows.

What is Chris Angel famous for?

Criss Angel is an illusionist and magician in Las Vegas. He is star of the show "Criss Angel Mindfreak", where he performs exciting magic tricks in front of large crowds.

Which stores sell criss angels magic kit?

online, criss angel gift shop in luxor might and walmart has single packaged magic tricks and it may have the platinum magic kit

Is criss angel 40?

Criss Angel is 45