Depression and Bipolar Disorder

How does depressants enter your body?


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by using alcohol and other stuff that has depressants like Barbiturates


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Depressants slow (or depress) the functioning of the entire body.

They slow brain and body reactions.

Depressants slow bodily functions such as breathing and heartbeat pace.

Depressants may affect the lungs because depressants slow down the organs in the body. This can cause slower breathing and less oxygen.

by it losing dopamine stupid

They slow the functioning of the body and its reactions.

The body tends to develop tolerance for CNS depressants, and larger doses are needed to achieve the same effects.

It temporarily slows their functioning.

The harmful effects of stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, anabolic steroids and inhalants on the body are different for each thing used. Stimulants can lead to the heart beating too fast while depressants could slow the heartbeat down too much.

Depressants: drugs that depress or slow down the central nervous system and all body systems. Alcohol, Valium, Librium, etc... are depressants.

Simply put, depressants slow your body down, while stimulants speed your body up. Depressants slow your heart rate, breathing and brain activity, and make you relaxed and sleepy, while stimulants increase your heart rate, breathing and brain activity, and make you hyperactive. For more detailed information, see the Related Links below.

They slow or depress breathing, heart beat and other bodily functions.

Each person's mind and body will react differently to certain types of medication. So to find the perfect and most efficient medication for you, try talking to your doctor.

which hazardous material can enter the body

Nicotine can enter the body when it is inhaled or swallowed

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You don't take depressants. You take anti-depressants, which counters being depressed.

Depressants, by definition, slow body functions. Multiple depressants combine their effects. In addition, there can be synergistic effects where the two combined have more than twice the effect.In short, the dangerous aspect is slowing your body functions to the point of getting dead.

no, that would be ANTI-depressants....

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The virus of jaundice enter our body through contaminated water.

Plasmodium donot enter inside mosquitoes body,but it is present already in human body.

But contact with an infected person; but lices remain on the skin, not enter in the body.

Depressants if you're talking about depressants or stimulants

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