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How does drug addiction start?

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2011-09-12 21:40:28

Drug addiction begins with tolerance, you start to need more and

more to get the same effects. You like the way they make you feel

so you start taking more than recommended dosages or more of a

street drug. Some drugs are physically addictive which means they

actually change brain chemistry. An example is opiates, the brain

makes natural opiates, when you abuse them your brain stops making

them. When you try to quit you go through withdrawal symptoms it

causes many uncomfortable sometimes painful physical symptoms

edit: There are also many emotional reasons for drug addiction

such as depression, rejection ect. It is not a simple answer. There

are usually multiple reasons that lead a person into drug


This is what i have to say:

Drug addiction can start off when you try a drug and as you keep

using the drug, your brain will want more and more from it.

Addictions get very serious later on and they also change the way

you think, and they cause you lung cancer. Some people use these

drugs to get away from problems, and some of the illegal drugs here

in Canada make you feel tired. Drugs are never the best choice, and

you shouldn't do drugs because your causing alot of harm to your

body. Quitting is the most tough thing to do, especially if you

have been doing it for some time. Its better to stay healthy then

cause problems to your heart and every other system in your


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