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Dust seats on the fans andf prevent air flaw smoothly iside the box, or from CPU and GPU(graphic processor) to the box and the result is to increase the temperature on the CPU, GPU and inside the BOX. Increased temperature means strained parts and decrease in lifetime

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How can dust effect a computer?

Dust can cause overheating in a computer.

What is recommended for removing dust from inside a computer case?

Use a can of compressed air to blow the dust off the components inside a computer case.

Which of the following is the best way to remove dust from the inside of a computer?

Using Compressed air to remove dust. Vacumming the dust out

What two tools can be used to remove dust from inside a computer?

1. cans of compressed air. 2. Anti-static vacuum cleaner to clean dust from inside a computer case.

Why is it critical that dust be cleaned from the inside of computer enclosures from time to time?

dust can get trapped in case and reduce airflow, which can cause computer to overheat

What is recommended to remove dust from inside a computer case?

compressed air.

What is in a sealed of the computer case so no dust get inside?

Hard drive

What two tools can be used to remove dust from inside a computer case?

Those tools would be cans of compressed air or anti-static vacuum cleaner to clean dust from inside a computer case.

How often should you clean the dust from the inside of your computer?

Actually, you should dust the inside of your computer. Sure, it doesn't cause problems with the computer, but it sure helps prevent bugs and dust bunnies. I do this about once a month. Simply dust it, say, the tenth of every month. Of course that is just an example, but still... I really hope this helps!! : - ) Dcstar

Why should dust be removed from inside the computer case?

because it will be damage in side

What is the Purpose of cleaning a computer?

Cleaning a computer allows the inside components to remain cooler since there is no blanket of dust insulating them. Also it keeps the dust and debris from clogging CPU and Power supply fans that are needed to keep the inside cool. Heat is the number one killer of the CPU inside a computer.

What is compressed air used for with regards to caring for your computer?

cleaning out dust from the inside of the PC

Any study on the effect of dust on a computer's energy usage?

Dust doesn't really have an effect on the computer energy itself but dust can make it so that parts can overheat. Dust will hold heat and when it's sitting on a card or something then it could cause that card to overheat.

The primary threat from a buildup of dust inside a computer is called what?

Not sure, but I would guess overheating?

What is sealed in a case so no dust gets inside on a computer?

Hard drive

Why is a dustcover important to extend the hardware of a computer?

dust cover is protect your computer from dust particles so dust cover is important i also covered my computer to dust cover

How do you clean the dust from the inside of your computer?

They sell cans of compressed air specifically for that purpose. (try Radio Shack)

Why is this computer overheating. it never used to and now after a year or so it is. is it dust or spam clutter?

If it has not been used for a while then it is probably dust in the fan. The way to fix this is to open the computer tower and using a cotton swab clean all of the fans inside of the computer.

What should you use to clean out the inside of a computer?

Generally you should use compressed air to clean out the dust that builds up on the inside of a computer. Brushes and cloths may generate static, which can cause damage to components inside a computer. Care should be taken to avoid freezing components which can cause condensation.

What two tools can be used to remove dust from inside the computer case?

Use compress air to blow dust out of the case or use a vaccum to clean vents, power supply, and fan

Why does my iPod charge on my computer but iTunes won't recognize it?

Your iPod charges on your computer, but iTunes does not recognize it because of some dust or a slight fluid damage inside the connector.

You open a computer and observe that the computer is full of dust what should you do in order to remove the dust from the system?

Use compressed air to remove the dust Vacuum the dust out of the system

What is dust and dirt on computer?

Most of the dust on - or in a computer... is composed of dead skin cells, from the people who have used it !

Can a CD get scratched while inside a laptop?

I am a computer wizz so i know about this. Yes. Inside the disc tray dust and fluff can build up over time. Will the disc is spinning the fluff and dust is moving around which can posibbly cause a scratch on the surface of the disc.

Why would one use a computer dust cover?

The reason why you would use a computer cover is to protect your monitor, CPU, keyboard, and printer from computer damaging dust. Using a computer dust cover also will protect your computer from harmful particles that can increase overheating.