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How does dutch elm disease effect people?

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Dutch elm disease has no effect on human beings. However, it is massively devastating to many kinds of elm trees.

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What are the symptoms for Dutch Elm disease?

One symptom of Dutch Elm disease is if your elm tree starts to die.

How many states in US have dutch elm disease?

half of the states in the US have dutch elm disease

What has the author A Duchars written?

A. Duchars has written: 'Dutch Elm disease' -- subject(s): Dutch elm disease

How does dutch elm disease affect people?

It will really sicken people and disease them plus they could and or will die..

Is Dutch elm a tree or a disease?

The elm tree is a common tree planted throughout the United States. Dutch Elm disease kills off elm trees. It is spread by the elm bark beetle.

What is a plant disease caused by fungi?

Dutch Elm disease is one

What is Dutch disease?

It is a disease that kills elm trees and started in holland.

What type of fungus causes dutch elm disease?

The miche disease

Is the constitution elm still standing?

Sadly, it fell to Dutch elm disease in 1925.

What has the author William N Cannon written?

William N Cannon has written: 'Dutch elm disease control' -- subject(s): Dutch elm disease, Control

What is the tree the British almost wiped out?

The elm tree. It was dutch elm disease that caused it not the british.

Dutch elm disease which has killed millions of elm tree is caused by a type of fungus?


How did dutch elm disease enter Michigan?

she closed her legs

Which of these is a tree disease spread by beetles?

Dutch elm disease is a tree spread by beetles.

What diseases begin with the letter D?

diabetes Dutch Elm Disease

What has the author Louis R LaPerriere written?

Louis R. LaPerriere has written: 'Applications of aerial infrared imagery to research on the Dutch Elm disease' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Dutch elm disease

Is dutch elm disease is an example of fungal superficial disease?

yes as it contains a type of fungus in it

What happened to all of the beautiful elm trees in this country?

If you are talking about England then they were largely wiped out by Dutch Elm Disease.

What is the life span of the slippery elm tree?

Over 100 years, so long as the tree does not succumb to Dutch Elm disease.

What two diseases do humans have inborn immunities to?

Examples: Dutch Elm Disease and Distemper

Name the arthropod that caused of the destruction of Ulmus Americana?

DED, Dutch Elm Disease

Did dutch elm disease distroy all Elm trees?

No. Many American elm survive near Peterborough Ontario but one expect a life span of only about 30 years.

What tree disease was spread to north America by fungus carried on inscects embedded on wood imported from northern Europe?

dutch elm disease

What tree disease was spread to North America by a fungus carried by insects embedde on wood imported from northern Europe?

Dutch Elm disease.

What tree disease was spread to North America by a fungus carried on insects embedded on wood imported from northern Europe?

dutch elm diseaseDutch Elm Disease was spread by a fungus embedded on wood imported from Northern Europe. The fungus was able to overwinter in the outer bark of wood imported for furniture and cabinet making.

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