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How does edward and Bella have a baby?


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August 28, 2010 4:36PM

because Edward didn't know male vampires cant have kids, him and Bella have sex and she is pregnant with a child that is half human and half vampire. the child grows faster than a human but also holds vampire qualities like strength and the thirst for blood. because the child is to strong for Bella it begins to accidentally kill her slowly from the inside, but just before Bella dies Edward bites her and she begins the transformation into a vampire. when she wakes after three days and sees she is a vampire, her baby (renesmee) has already grown rapidly and she isn't a monster like Edward feared she would be, she is a sweet little girl that everyone (especially Rosalie) gets attached Jacob and renesmee are great friends as he imprints (has a natural instinct to protect and love her as a sister, which makes it easier between Edward, Bella and him because his feelings for her disappear) on her. but hard times lay ahead of the Cullen family!