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Not really sure if this is what you're looking for , but I would say energy from the sun, leading to the producers (i.e. plants) then the animals that eat the producers etc etc the energy is given to the plants firstly and then eventually gets passed on through each animal the last animal on the food web has less energy than the pklants as it has been condensed

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How does energy enter a food web?

Energy enters a food web by photosynthesis: the sun is the primary energy source, and autotrophs (mainly plants) 'fix' the energy & use it to convert carbon dioxide into foods which are then eaten by organisms further up the food chain.

What energy role is the cat in the food web?

what energy role does the cat play in the food web

What travels though a food chain or web?

Energy travels through a food chain or web.

What kind of energy is in a food web?

Food energy, which is a type of chemical energy.

What are the produces on a food a food web how do produces obtain energy?


Is matter and energy conserved in a food web?

Matter and total energy are ALWAYS conserved. However, in a food web, you will often consider the USABLE energy; this gets reduced at each step of the food web.

How is the food web and the energy web the same?

their webs

What do the levels of a food web represent?

The levels of a food web represent the energy.

How does energy enter a food web through plants?

Energy enters to a food web mainly as the sunlight as it is the single power source of solar System.Then when Animals Eat products of plants 10% of energy transfer to the Primary producer.Out ofthat 10%,only10%is transfered to the next trophic level.

Compare energy transfer in a food chain to energy transfer in a food web?

They are the same. A food web is just multiple food chains put together.

Where does energy go in a food chain or web?

the food energy goes to the consumers

What is better to show how energy moves through an ecosystem food chain or food web?

food web

Every food chain and food web transfers into?

every food web and food chain transfers into radient energy:)

Which process do the animals in the food web use to convert energy from food into ATP?

Cellular respiration is the process the animals in the food web use to convert energy from food into ATP.

What is the difference between a food web and an energy pyramid?

The difference is that a food chain is one path of energy, and a food web is overlapping food chains. As for an energy pyramid it show that there is less and less food and energy available as you go from the base to the top of the pyramid

How is energy transferred through a food web and food chain using law of conversation of energy?

In a food chain and food web the energy is getting reused by the next level so the energy is not being created or distorted, just reused.

What role does the sun play in a food web?

Sun plays the source of energy in a food web.

What does food web tell you?

I think a food web talks about the energy pasted through an ecosystem

Do food chain and food web talk about energy?


What is the energy source in a food web or food chain?


Is there a food web for the Himalayas?

Yes because energy has to travel through the food chain and in the order they eat it is a food web

What is the source of energy in a food web?

the Sun

Do producers in the food web have the most energy?


How does nitrogen enter a food web?

Nitrogen enters the food web when plants absorb nitrogen compounds from the soil and convert them into proteins.

What is a energy pyramid for grassland?

its a food web just as a energy pyramid