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How does heat energy transfer from hot to cold?

It doesn't idiots! Heat energy transfer form hot to cold...there's no such thing. Heat is how much energy is in something. Energy doesn't get cold. Cold is a lack of energy.

What is the transfer of internal energy from a hot object to a cold object?

That refers to the transfer of heat energy.

Heat energy is the transfer of what energy?

thermal energy. The transfer of heat happens when a warm fast moving molecule run into slow a cold ones the heat is then transferred from the warm molecule to the cold oneAnswerHeat is energy in transit from a higher temperature to a lower temperature. Heat isn't transferred; heat describes the process of transfer.

What do they call it when the transfer of thermal energy from one substance to another?

Heat is the transfer of energy from one substance to another. So when you get cold, you are getting cold from the heat. Your body is giving energy to the air around you. So heat is the answer

What is it called when thermal energy flows from one source to the other?

Heat transfer.

What is energy used for during a change in state?

It is used for the transfer of heat and cold

Why do particles of matter transfer thermal energy from hot to cold?

A heat pump is a machine or device that moves heat from one location (the 'source') to another location, using mechanical work. Most heat pump technology moves heat from a low temperature heat source to a higher temperature heat sink.

What is the Big Idea of Energy Transfer?

The big idea of energy transfer is the idea of a source of energy being changed into another form of energy such as light energy to heat energy. This effect happens in global warming where chemical energy is transferred into heat energy with a greenhouse effect.

How do cold blooded animals get their energy?

From an external heat source like the sun.

How does draughts transfer heat energy?

draughts transfer heat energy through convection

Wood can transfer heat energy by convection?

Wood can transfer heat energy by convection

A solid can transfer energy through convection?

Convection is the movement of a medium to transfer heat energy fom one place to another. A solid, depending on your definition, will not transfer heat by convection because the solid does not move. A liquid will transfer heat by convection because the individual particles obtain heat from the source, move to a cooler place, and discharge their heat.

Does heat flow from a source that is warm to a source that is cold?

Heat does, indeed, go from a warm source to a cold place. That is what heat always does.

Why does an endothermic reaction feel cold if energy is being absorbed?

Because the energy(heat) is being pulled out of your hand. Heat transfer from the hottest substance to the coldest

Heat energy to kinetic energy to sound energy to what?

heat energy is transfer to hot to a cold body kenetic energy is movement of people ex. walking jumping answer by Richard Lance D. go

What is the source of energy and heat?

The main source of energy and heat is the sun.

Is heat a source of energy?

A heat wave is a source of thermal energy.

Does aluminum conduct cold faster than glass?

Aluminum is a conductor and glass is an insulator. Conductors allow the flow of energy transfer, but insulators block this transfer of energy. So by definition, Yes, aluminum conducts cold or heat(energy) transfer faster than glass.

What is the thermal energy transfer?

Heat is a transfer of thermal energy.

Does cold objects have heat energy?

cold objects do have heat energy.

What is the transfer of heat through energy waves?

Radiation is the transfer of heat through energy waves.

What is a transfer of heat from a warm substance to a cool substance?

Diffusion id the transfer of energy (heat) from an area of high concentration (warm substance) to an area of low concentration (cold)

What travels faster hot air or cold air?

Hot air. The particles in the air move at a faster rate because they have more energy than cold air. When you feel something that is hot, what you are really feeling is the transfer of energy from that object to you. Same is true with the opposite. When you feel something cold you really feel the transfer of energy from your hand to that object. Reason: heat and energy are the same thing. The more energy, they more heat. The less energy, the less heat.

Is heat the transfer of potential energy?

No. Heat is thermal energy

Winds transfer heat energy by what method of heat transfer?


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