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How does energy transfer to Earths atmosphere?


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it goes through a window down the hall, then shes there


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heat energy transferred by earths atmosphere by the sun

The earth's energy being reflected to atmosphere.

by the earth's energy being reflected to the atmosphere

describe three things that can happen to energy when it reaches the earths atmosphere

energy is transferd from earths surface to the lowest part of the atmospher,then cold air pushes it upward,creating a convection current

the amount of energy absorbed by the sun and the amount of energy that escapes the earths atmosphere.

When Earths surface is heated it radiates some of the energy back into the atmosphere as "Infrared Radiation."

The energy transfers underground by radiation.

it goes throgh the atmosphere and enter the other plsnts to get to the energy that we need on earth

Energy is transferred between the earths surface and the atmosphere via conduction, convection, and radiation. Conduction is the process by which heat energy is transmitted through contact with neighboring molecules.

Convection is a mechanically or thermally produced process involving upward or downward transfer of part of the atmosphere.

No. Most of Earth's stored energy is within matter and it will not "find its way out of earths atmosphere" on it's own. The only energy that leaves Earth is radiant energy (some heat, light, radio energy, etc) or matter that is thrown out of the atmosphere by cosmic collisions. Some particles and element (e.g. hydrogen) may also be lost to space as Earth orbits our sun.

What is the earths atmosphere made of

Heat radiation from the Earths core. This heat is rising towards the atmosphere, and bounced back towards the Earths surface, in whats called the Greenhouse Effect. Next to the Earths hot core, the energy that heats Earths atmosphere is heat radiation from the sun. This heat is also being bounced as a part of the Greenhouse Effect.

Is the act of witcht the energy flows through out space to the earth, and how impotant it is to our atmosphere.

the earths atmosphere ends in the exosphere

Electromagnetic energy from the Sun, principally in the Infrared spectrum.

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