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What is the difference between cell division and cell cycle?

Cell division is when a cell splits in two to make more cells, and the cycle is where the cell does all the other stuff. A full life span of a cell is cell cycle that include cell division+ cell death and cell division cycle is the process of a cell to divide into two.

What kind of cell division when the cell is not dividing?

:Mitosis is the cell division which did not divided the cell.: Reduction Division is the cell division which divided the cell into half.

The transfer of specific molecules through the cell membranes is an important factor in the process of?

homestasis NOT cytoplasmic flow, or moitic division, nor nuclear transfer

Another name for cell division?

Cell division has no other alternate name but there are two types of cell division in Eukaryotes which are named a mitosis and meiosis . Prokaryotic cell division is called binary fission .

How is plant cell division like animal cell division?

Plant cell division is like animal cell division in all other aspects, but unlike animal cell, a plant cell lacks centriole, by which spindle fibre produce during metaphase stage. But in plant cell, spindle fibre are produced from protein rich material, i.e. the pole.

Why meiosis cell division is called reduction cell division?

Meiosis cell division is called reduction division because in this cell division the cells got from the parents cell is divided into half. So the daughter cells is haploid(n). Thus, meiosis cell division is called reduction division.

How does normal cell division compare to that cancer cell division?

normal cell division has a specific "stop signal" wherein cell division then stops, permanently for that cell undergoing division. in the case of a cancer cell, that "stop signal" is overridden and what happens is that the cell continues to undergo this manic division frenzy.

Does the cell membrane control cell division?

No, the nucleus in a cell is what controls cell division.

What type of cell division does your body cells undergo And why can your body cells ONLY use this type of cell division?

Body cells undergo mitotic cell division so that each daughter cell is genetically identical to each parent cell and to all other body cells.

How does eukaryotic cell division differ from cell division in a prokaryotic cell?

eukaryotic cell division takes more time then prokaryotic as it contain nucleus and other cellular organallis which are lacking in prokaryotes. secondaly in eukaruotes in germ cells meosis occur which is not found in prokaryotes

How is uncontrolled cell division is dangerous in organisms?

uncontrolled cell division causes cancer and cancer cells do not limit there growth spreading massively to other cells.

Why mitotic cell division is called homotypic cell division?

Mitotic cell division is called homotypic cell division because no crossing over is occur in this division and pairing of homologous cromosome is also not occur. So caracteristics of daughter cells is same as mother cell. As there is no variation occur, so this type of cell division may called homotypic cell division.

What is the stage of cell division?

There are 3 stages of cell division

What is process of cell division by mitosis?

Somatic cell division

What process must occur before a cell can go through cell division?

Replication of DNA is preceded the cell division. During cell cycle a trigger for cell nucleus to undergoing division is received and the cell enters for division.

What type of cell division is when a cell divides to form two new cells identical to the parent?

The division of sex cells is called meiosis. The division of all other body cells is called mitosis.

What is new cell called after cell division?

a new cell formed after cell division is called a daughter cell

What is rapid division of a cell that invades and disrupts other cells?


What other term is commonly used in place of mitosis?

Cell Division

Why is cell division necessary?

cell division is nessary because the cell with have too many chromosomes and cell division also helps reproduce cells

What happens to a cell if the DNA were not copied before cell division?

Cell division does not occur.

What does cell division prevent the cell from becoming?

Cell division prevents the cell from becoming too large.

Indentify the two process involved in cell division?

Meiosis: sex cell division Mitosis: animal/plant cell division

If a cell undergoes nuclear division but not cytoplasmic division the product is what?

If a cell undergoes nuclear division but not cytoplasmic division, the product is a binuclear cell. This often results from imperfect preparation for division in mitosis.

What serves as a signal for cell division?

chemical signals for cell division