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How does fog dissipate?

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When temperature increases and humidity of air decreases the fog dissipates. Answer, Fog is moisture in the air condensing due to cooler ambient temperature at ground level. As the ambient temperature increases, generally due to the sun, the moisture in the fog will burn off and the fog will lift. You can't see vapor, but you can see droplets of water, droplets small enough to float in air (brownian motion). Whenever the droplets evaporate (heat, low humidity, etc) the water doesn't go anywhere but now you can see through it, thus "no fog".

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How do you use dissipate in a sentence?

As the air becomes warmer, the fog will usually dissipate.The cooks used the exhaust fan to dissipate the smoke from the kitchen fire."As the sun climbed higher in the morning sky, the fog dissipated and left its traces on shaded leaves."

How does radiation fog dissipate?

When the Sun's heat warms the ground and air.

Why does fog disappear when sun rises?

It doesn't always... it depends on whether there's enough heat from the sun reaching the ground. Fog - is simply water vapour that's condensed into droplets. If the ground stays cold, the fog will not dissipate.

My 2005 Honda Accord windows fog up?

This happens in my '93 Honda Accord as well. Since I haven't found a real solution, I've found that if you turn the Defrost + Air Conditioner on at the same time, then the fog will quickly dissipate. The downside is that you need to drive with both the defroster and AC on at the same time; when they're turned off the fog crops back up...

How do resistors dissipate power?

Resistors dissipate energy as heat.

What does 'dissipate' mean?

Dissipate means when you pull something apart or something is getting forced/pulled apart.

What is a sentence for the word dissipate?

The clouds began to dissipate after the storm. He watched her anger dissipate into a profound sense of relief as the truth finally sank in.

Can you give me a sentence with the word dissipate?

Smoke will dissipate faster when there is a breeze blowing.

Would you please use the word 'dissipate' in a sentence?

"Upon detecting the menancing presence of a lioness, the gazelles were quick to dissipate." (Dissipate means to dispel, disperese, scatter, drive away, waste, or squander.) :)

How does fog form?

Fog is formed in 4 different ways.radiation fogadvection fogupslope fogsteam fog

What is another name for very low clouds?

mistFoganother name for it is fogFog.Fogvery low clouds are called stratus clouds ;PFogfogits called fog...mist, fogFOG

Where and why did hurricane ike dissipate?

Hurricanes dissipate when they reach land because there is no water to strengthen them. Hurricane Ike began to dissipate as soon as it hit land and it dissipated in eastern Canada.

What is the noun form of dissipate?

The noun forms of the verb to dissipate are dissipation, dissipator (or dissipater), and the gerund, dissipating.

What is fog description?

Fog description is description of fog.

What rhymes with dissipate?


What is dissipate?

to become scattered

Defined of Dissipate?

to scatter

How does a blizzard dissipate?


What is a antonym for dissipate?


Where can you buy London fog in Wisconsin?

London fog : radiation fog enhanced by pollutants. Wisconsin fog : evaporation fog near water.

What is fog intensity?

Fog intensity is how dense fog is. The lower the visibility, the more intense and dense the fog is.

What is the antonym for dissipate?

Antonyms for dissipate:AccumulateAppearAssembleBuildCollectGarnerGatherHoardSaveStarve

Does arthritis dissipate around cinammon?


How do hurricanes dissipate?

Hurricanes dissipate due to lack of water supply, cold water and stalling. There must be movement for the storm to be a hurricane.

What does the word fog mean in German?

fog = Nebel fog = Schleier (figurative)