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FoxFace tried to steal a little bit of food from Katniss and Peeta's small amount of cheese and berries, but Peeta was accidentally picking Nightlock berries, which are very poisonous. FoxFace didn't know this so she ate some and then died a couple of seconds later.

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Q: How does fox face die In the hunger game?
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How did the author reveal the lesson in the hunger game?

It teaches you not to steal cause when fox face stole the nightlock from peeta

Who did fox face kill in the hunger games?

Sorry the stupid site changed the question it suppose to be "How did foxface die" well fox face dies because she eats poisonus berries called night lock.

What district does Fox Face come from Hunger Games?

District five!

What is the name of the berries that killed fox face in the hunger games?


How was Fox Face resourcful in The Hunger Games?

Fox Face figured out the land mine trap around the career tributes food source.

What kind of berries killed Fox face in the Hunger Games?

Nightlock Berries :)

Did Peeta kill anyone in The Hunger Games?

He technically killed fox face with the berries

Who were the last four people left in the hunger games?

Katniss Peeta cato and fox face

Is fox face a girl or boy in the hunger games?

Girl. She is called Foxface due to the profile of her face, but her real name is unknown

Who dies in the Hunger games book 1 and 2 and 3?

in book one thresh fox face cato glimer and others that are not named die. peeta and katness live

What does foxface look like in the hunger games?

Foxface is said to have red hair and a fox-like face.

What does fox face wear in The Hunger Games?

They are all wearing the same pants, shirt, and jacket. (DIRTY)

Who are the male and female tributes from district 8 in the hunger games?

The male is unknown and fox face is the female( i think) she may be from 9

What is a nightlock pill in The Hunger Games?

Its not a "Pill" There poisonus berries on The Hunger Games This is how 'Fox Face' dies because Peeta Picks them and she assumes there edible and steals some well he picks more ~

What is fox face's real name in the hunger games?

Fox-Face doesn't have a real name Katniss just calls her Fox-Face, also Fox-Face is from district 8. Actually Jacqueline Emerson (who portrays Foxface) has announced she knows Foxface's real name which may be revealed in Mockingjay (movie). Fox face is from district 5 who is 15 years old and died from the deadly nightlock berries. I'm not sure if this is true, but in the movie, Caesar supposedly says her name is Finch Crossly.

What are foxface traits from the hunger games?

She's very clever and she has a face that looks like a fox, hence her nickname Foxface. Her real name is unknown

How do the poisonous berries appear in the hunger games?

they killed fox face in the first book and they saved peeta and katniss. they also marked the beggining of the uprising

Can a red fox live in the desert?

No, because there is hardly animals or water so they'll die of hunger.

What does fox face do in the hunger games while showing her strengths?

She steals food from the other tribute because if they eat it, then she knows it's safe. This and Peeta's ignorance killed her.

How does the girl in hunger games die?

What girl? Rue dies when the district2 boy stabbed her fox face died when she ate night lock berries. Clove died when the tracker jackets stung her . Prim dies when the Capitol blows her up. Katniss doesn't die throughout the whole series.... Answer your question

What does fox face look like from the hunger games?

Foxface is described as having red hair and a 'foxy' looking face, suggesting a cunning/sly look. She is a little younger than most tributes, which suggests she is smaller in stature as well.

Who is foxface in the hunger game?

Foxface is the tribute from District 5. Her real name is not Foxface, Katniss nicknamed her that because she is sly and has red fox like appearance.

Who were the tributes in The Hunger Games?

Let me see... Cato Katniss Peeta Clove Fox-Face Rue The boy from district 1 Thats all i can name from the top of my head sorry.

Who was from district 5 in the 74 hunger games?

The male tribute is unidentified. The girl tribute's real name is unknown, but she is called Foxface by everyone else due to her fox-like face

Is there a game where you get to be a fox?

Fox and geese is a game of tag played in the wintertime.