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Women have a less robust muscle structure. It is harder for women to lose weight due to a slower metabolism. It is also harder to see significant muscle gains due to Pre existing body fat. The estrogen and testosterone levels of women do not favorably suit a " hard work out." (not to say there aren't powerful female body builders) on the whole women have a leaner build and of you are looking to lose weight, I suggest that you cut all but about 10% of your carbs red meats and sugars. Stick to fruit vegetables fish chicken and whole grain breads. You'll want to make sure you have enough fiber and iron so u might need to tale a supplement. For women it's a better idea to do low weight work outs with a medium amount of reps. (to low won't do anything. Too high and you'll look like a guy)

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yes it does

because women gain weight from pregnancy and men dont go through pregnancy.

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Generally no. Although there are some conditions and diseases that are gender specific, the predominance of general illnesses in particular genders is more to do with lifestyle choices.

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Q: How does gender affect fitness?
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