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The energy of a lightning bolt striking in sand can heat the sand and fuse it into simple glass. The glass forms as tubes called fulgurites (thunderbolt rock) and the material is called lechatelierite.

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Yes. A lightning bolt is powerful enough to pass through several thousand feet to several miles of air. A few millimeters of glass is not going to stop it.

Fulgurites are objects of natural glass that are formed in certain instances when lightning strikes and fuses rock or silica sand. Technically, fulgerites are a form of igneous rock.

lightning makes glass when it hits sandy soil. its called a fulgurite.

Fulgurites are objects of natural glass that are formed in certain instances when lightning strikes and fuses rock or silica sand. Technically, fulgerites are a form of igneous rock, but they are not referred to as 'lightning balls'. Ball lightning is a completely different and controversial topic.

The glass ball is for ornamental purposes only. Nothing happens to it when lightning strikes it.

It would create glass considering the heat of the lightning and that sand turns to glass when hot enough.

Yes, radio waves are a form of electro magnetic wave. Visible light is also a form of electro magnetic waves. Visible light can be seen through glass, just as radio waves can travel through glass.

Yes, if lightning strikes sand (as on a beach), the intense heat of the lightning strike can fuse the sand into glass.

Because the lightning strike is so hot it melts the sand and cools and turns into glass

Glass conducts electricity? Glass is an insulator.

If lightning strikes sand, glass is formed.

yes it can since the electric current runs through the glass it will mor than likely be contained inside the bottle put a lightning rod on the top and you in buisness

A lightning bolt would explode the glass window before it would travel through the glass. Storm lightning is so fast that even if it were to go thru a window the window would shatter from the heat and speed. Glass is not a conductor so, being struck by lightning thru the window would take the Glass to shatter which would take two strikes. Other following ways are the only ways lighting can strike into a home. -Lightning can enter the home thru any of the 3 following ways. (1) a direct strike (2) through wires or pipes that extend outside the structure (3) through the ground. Regardless of the method of entrance, once in a structure, the lightning can travel through the electrical, phone, plumbing, and radio/television reception systems. Lightning can also travel through any metal wires or bars in concrete walls or flooring. Avoid contact with concrete walls which may contain metal reinforcing bars. Avoid washers and dryers since they not only have contacts with the plumbing and electrical systems, but also contain an electrical path to the outside through the dryer vent.

Ball Lightning reportedly takes the form of a glowing orb that flats through the air and eventually explodes. Heat lightning is ordinary lightning that occurs in a distant thunderstorm. At night the lightning can still be seen but it is too far away for the thunder to be heard.

Lightning forms in clouds.

Lightning is also a form of electricity. So it requires a medium to pass through. It can pass through air because of its huge energy ( also air can be ionized because it is particulate ). Thus no chance

Assuming the lens of the camera is made of glass, the answer is no. Glass is a very good insulator and it would an extremely large current (along the order of lightning) to overcome the insulating properties inherent in glass.

possessive form of the word glass: glass'

when electrical charges form in the clouds, a spark of energy is formed that makes a flash of lightning which is also known as electricity. tunder is the sound of the lightning building up the, like a knife through flesh, it tears through the cloud. hope i helped thx 4 reading

Only some ships get struck by lightning like aluminum but fibre glass doesn't

Lightning bolt forms when there is an imbalance between positive and negative charges. When these electronic charges meet in the clouds, they form lightning bolt.

Thunder glass is a type of glass created by nature. It is created by lightning striking something like quartzose in soil or sand.

Lightning cannot travel through rock! Rock is solid enough.

Cumulonimbus clouds form lightning

When lightning strikes the ground, it creates Clinkers. These are carbon deposits similar to glass that form the structure of a tree, with loads of branches spliting off from the main trunk. The carbon (or glass) is formed due to the high temperature focused on the point where the lighting bolt earths into the ground. The sand and other minerals in ground are liquified where the electricity passes through. Clinkers can often be found and bought in good gem stores.

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